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  1. Redfoot Ranch

    SOLD 243 Win Instant Indicator

    New Redding instant indicator with range adapter. This does not include the dial indicator as they are easily moved from one device to another. $OLD TYD
  2. Redfoot Ranch

    SOLD Powder Measure/Stand

    LNIB RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure (9010) with RCBS baffle and Advanced Powder Measure Stand (9092). $OLD TYD
  3. Redfoot Ranch

    SOLD RCBS Priming Tool

    FS - (2) LNIB RCBS 90200 Hand Priming Tools - $50 each TYD Conus
  4. Redfoot Ranch

    SOLD 90grn .224 Target

    500 same lot .224 90grn VLD Target bullets - $OLD shipped and insured CONUS
  5. Redfoot Ranch

    SOLD 90grn .224 JLK

    500 same lot .224 90grn JLK VLD bullets - $OLD shipped and insured CONUS
  6. Redfoot Ranch

    SOLD FS - 88grn ELD's

    800 same lot .224 88grn Hornady ELD-M bullets - $OLD shipped and insured CONUS
  7. Redfoot Ranch

    SOLD SPF - 43X/48 Mags

    For Sale: 3 - used Glock 43X or 48 10 round factory mags. Like new condition. $OLD each, plus $8 shipping on 1, 2 or all 3 mags
  8. Redfoot Ranch

    SOLD 6mm V-MAX

    I have 1500, same lot, Hornady 75grn 6mm V-max in my inventory that I do not see needing in the future. These are $OLD/100 plus appropriate shipping. Shipping will be combined for multiple box purchases. These boxes can be broken down flat, and reassembled to original, for shipping in a USPS...
  9. Redfoot Ranch

    Fair Primer Prices

    I have a decent supply of primers most of which are my favorites to use based on application in both in large and small primer cases. I also have acquired many less desirable-to-me brands which I have picked up in package deals and buyouts. I have recently been began swapping out LRP for SRP...
  10. Redfoot Ranch

    Forster CoAx Fix

    Years ago, before 6 CM brass could be bought and the 22 CM was a true wildcat I had to neck down 6.5 Creedmoor brass, and with no dies available I had to stuff new internals into parent case dies to load my 22 Creedmoor. The Hornady micrometer top seater would not allow me to get cam over at...
  11. Redfoot Ranch

    Powder Burn

    Understanding that muzzle-flash isn't unburned powder, but the secondary combustion of propellant gasses once they meet available oxygen outside your bore. What is the targeted % number of powder burnt in the barrel that y'all strive for? A current one-hole load 1 I have tuned was observed this...