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    Accessories Surefire Raid M720V

    This light is in near perfect condition and functions perfectly. Price is 320 shipped, buyer covers fees.
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    Optics Leica Geovid SOLD

    These are in excellent condition. Don’t nearly use the range finder as much as I though and have been wanting to try the new NL Pures. Includes the original box, neck strap, and case. Also will throw in the RRS arca cinche. I have never had issues with the blue tooth syncing with my phone or...
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    Optics Aimpoint CompM5 SOLD

    Comes with the LRP Picatinny Style Mount with 39mm Spacer installed. Functions perfectly and in good condition, minor wear on the battery compartment as usual. SOLD
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    SOLD Pulsar Core RXQ30V- SOLD

    Got this in on a trade and already have a thermal so I have no need for this. Excellent condition and functions perfectly. Comes with the pulsar qd mount. Price is 1700 shipped, buyer covers fees
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    Accessories Accu-Tac WB4 $265

    Excellent condition with little use. Sold the gun it was attached too so no need for it. Has spiked feet, but do not have the original. Price is 265 firm shipped, buyer covers fees
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    SOLD Accuracy International-AT Pending Sale

    Really hate selling but the funds are needed. Not interested in any trades. Price is 5000, I will cover shipping, buyer covers fees. Rifle is in excellent condition. AI At with the following Really Right Stuff Arca Rail Proof 20inch 308 barrel 1/10 twist Small firing pin bolt Ax folding stock...
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    Accessories Harris S-BRM Bipod SOLD

    In excellent condition other than the red krylon paint. Paint can be removed fairly easy. Includes pod lock, hawk hill spiked feet and American defense qd mount. Price is 160 shipped, buyer covers PayPal fees.
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    Night Vision Scope rings for Thermion xp50

    Just purchased a Thermion xp50 and not sure what scope rings to get. What’s everybody running that has it on a AR. Would like something that would work on a bolt action as well, if possible. I’ve been looking at this but not sure it is high enough for an Ar
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    Accessories KMW SENTINEL SOLD

    Inletted for a Remington 700 and has the mini chassis, also includes the bottom metal. In excellent condition and has not been bedded. Price is 900 shipped, buyer covers PayPal fees. Does have a pictany rail attached to the front.
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    Optics Meopta Meostar HD plus SOLD

    As much as it pains me to sell, I need to let these go. Includes the outdoorsman stud, bipod mount and the really right stuff arca adapter. Immaculate condition with very little use. Price is 1200.00, buyer covers fees, I’ll cover shipping cost.
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    Accessories Precision underground 3D Sold

    Bags in excellent shape, with little use. Trying to downsize. Price is 70 shipped, buyer covers fees.
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    Accessories Armageddon Gear Game sold

    Used very little and in excellent condition. Price is 75 shipped, buyer covers fees.
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    Optics Vortex Fury 5000 SOLD

    I’ve had these for a couple months now and just rarely used them. Functions perfectly and in like new condition other than some dust here and there. Comes with the pictured accessories. Price is 825 shipped, buyer covers fees. Includes the outdoors man tripod stud as well.
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    Accessories PVA Jet Blast Muzzle Brake SOLD

    Like the title says, in good condition. My favorite brake to use. Running a suppressor on the gun that it was on. Price is 85 shipped, buyer covers fees.
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    Accessories Kestrel 3500

    Functions perfectly and in excellent condition. Price is 75 shipped, buyer covers PayPal fees.
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    Optics RRS Binocular CINCH-LR ELITE ———SOLD

    In excellent condition, with no signs of wear. Price is 85 shipped, buyer covers fees.
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    Optics Spuhr 4001 sold

    Like the title says I have a spuhr 4001 in excellent condition. Selling it for 320 shipped, buyer covers PayPal fees.
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    Accessories 308 Federal Golf Medal Match SOLD

    Have this sitting around and figure with the ammo shortage it could go to use for someone. 10 boxes of 20. Will sell for 220 shipped, buyer covers PayPal fees.
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    Meopta MeoStar B1 Plus 15x56

    Trying to see if anybody has gotten there hands on the new plus and if there’s anything different between the older model as far as glass clarity.
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    Optics Bushnell LMSS with Horus H32 Reticle $715

    This scope is in excellent condition and was used very little. Selling it for 750 shipped! Buyer covers fees, first to claim it, gets it.