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    N.J. Governor “smilin’“ Phil Murphy and his vision for ammunition restrictions

    In his January 15th State of the State lecture, “smilin” Phil Murphy laid out his grand, stereotypical leftist scheme to further punish responsible gun owners. His leftist, liberal agenda has already imposed a 10 round magazine limit (which overnight made existing, legal, 10+ round magazines...
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    Elite Iron Bipod Mounting Issue

    So, I bought an Elite Iron bipod for my AI AX, The bipod has a standard pic rail mount. To my dismay, I discovered that none of the accessory rails, (neither the 5" or the shorties with the flush cups) will mate to the bipod. The accessory rails are just too big in one or more dimensions to fit...
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    Gunsmithing Question on Barrel Twist Rate

    looking for guidance regarding the purchase of a pre-fit barrel for my AI AX. It's short action and I'll be chambering in 260 Remington, likely 26" finished length. I shoot factory Hornady and Prime in 130 grain. I've been in contact with a gunsmith who has Bartlein blanks available in 7 twist...
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    Training Courses DR long Range Concepts

    Anyone have any first hand experience with their LRP 1 course? I have some late summer vacation time coming up and looking at training options. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    Range Report Experience with 260 Remington Ammo?

    Looking for some advice from those more experienced than me. Just bought an AI AX in 260 remington. I'm going to order a box each of Hornady, Federal and Black Hills in various bullet weights to see what shoots best. Not being a hand loader, is that the drill - buy quality match ammo and shoot it?
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    Training Courses Anyone attend long range rifle 1 at Storm Mountain Training?

    Per the title, I’m looking at options for precision rifle training in the spring. Storm Mountain is one option. I was looking for feedback / opinions if anyone has taken their precision - long range rifle 1 course. Thanks.
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    Help with Tikka Sporter

    OK, so I have a new Sporter and a picatinny rail purchased from Mountain Tactical. The four screws in the top of the receiver are clearly smaller than the 6x48 screws supplied with the rail. I understand that Tikka's manufactured after '04 accept the 6x48 screws. Su'um don't look right.