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    What kind of primer pocket swager is this?

    I picked this up off of ebay, looks very similar to a CH4d but the "ram" that shellholders snap into is marked RCBS. Did RCBS ever make one like this? It seems to work pretty well just testing it on a handful of 223 brass
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    Need a flush cup in a hollow stock or forend? Look no further!

    I came across these online, and thought they'd be perfect for a couple fiberglass AR freefloat tubes I made. It just happened that I used a 1/2" bit for my vent holes so they go right in! Impact Weapons Components This will be perfect for hollow stocks too, such as my HS stock, it'll be...
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    Heads-up Midway has PRI parts on sale

    Gasbusters are a good buy, if I didn't already have BCM gunfighters I'd try one...
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    New Budget SPR Build

    Just wanted to show it off, I wanted my wife to have a rifle of her own so I've been collecting parts here and there to build each of us our first ARs, finally got this together. I also built myself one that's mostly the same but has a 20" bull barrel, same stock /grip/small parts though. Specs...
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    *Round 2 check it out* DIY Fiberglass AR-15 Free Float Tube

    This is my "junkyard dog" I have been cobbling together. I could have bought a tube from Clark's, but I have access to tubing like this so figured why not? I got a barrel nut from ATI, and I have made the tubing a tight slip fit over it. I'm thinking I'll secure it with rivets, through the tube...
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    secondary sight options for subsonic, looking for opinions

    I helped a friend work up a subsonic round for his FN Scar Light (223, 85gr Barnes Match Burners, 6.6gr Trail Boss, right at 1000fps, 82db 2ft to right of the can) He has an Eotech with 3x magnifier, which is great for full power loads but not for the subs! My thought (having virtually no...
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    I win the clumsy award for tonight

    Surely one of you will take the lead soon though... I figured I'd try out my brand new neck lube setup, the little Forster job with brushes and mica powder, while sizing some brass. I found out real quickly that I should use the mounting holes on it though. It started fine, I was holding it down...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Why open carry?

    I just don't get it, with so many great methods of concealing a handgun why carry openly in plain sight? I saw a guy in Lowes the other day, with a full-sized 1911 in a leather slide holster- NO retention whatsoever- at about 5-5:30. I was not prepared to fight for the sake of proving a point...
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    Surgeon Tactical knob on 700 handle

    you guys know the basics, I cut the factory knob into a 5/16 square with a die grinder and cutoff wheel, shaped it round with a bench grinder (ended up right at .300, .311 gave me hell getting the die going). I'll take a moment to say if you're doing this and don't have real cutting fluid GET...
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    Found another option for adjustable cheek rests

    Not sure I'd choose this over a loggerhead, A+++ for effort though. I'm digging the wood stocks. I just don't know how much this would resist slipping, just a bolt tightened against a smooth rod rather than a clamp such as the loggerhead uses. Enjoy Adjustable Cheek Piece
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    Newest addition to the bench

    OK I haven't actually bolted it to the bench yet, maybe this weekend I'll make it a permanent home. I lucked up on an old C-H press that was in rough shape, here are before & after pics. I thought you guys might like to see. Looking at the picture I might hit the handle with the buffing wheel...
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    Help me figure out what exactly I have *resolved- NOW advice on which 700 to rebarrel?

    *EDIT* The Z year could be 2005 OR 1975 OR 1931 so this 700 was built in 1975, now the flat trigger & iron sight holes on the side make sense NOW are the old ones inherently any better than newer ones? I have 2 700 30-06s, this one plus one bought new in 2006. The one bought new does have some...
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    Gunsmithing Anybody used the Ace folding stock hardware?

    I found this video online where a guy installed one in an HS stock, looked pretty nice. Just wondering if anybody here has played with one? <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Shimming magazines

    I have a PTG Rem Military style DBM (which fits a BDL inlet) and it uses 3.775 mags. I got 1 mag with it (300wm) and bought 3 extras from another source. I just got the extras in and realize they are 3.715 (seller wasn't sure, I figured I could flip them pretty quickly worst case). Looking over...
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    300wm 10rd mag feedback- love em or hate em?

    I'm looking at bottom metal, I have an HS 5R stock (and like it, feels good to me) and I could stick in a BDL-sized BM (PTG Rem Military Style) which accepts Accurate Mags (3.775 length) with no fuss at all, however it seems that limits me to 5rd mags which may or may not not be a bad thing I...
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    Will 338LM Accurate Mags feed 30-06?

    I realize the 300wm mags are typically used for 30-06 but would I be asking for trouble using 338LM mags/dbm setup to feed a 30-06?
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Dawson or Trijicon HD sights?

    I'm leaning towards the Dawson Charger tritium 3-dot or the Trijicon HD 3-dot for my Shield, either of these allow for 1-hand slide manipulation if needed. The Dawsons are about $30 less, but at this price $30 won't make or break the deal Any opinions?
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Any SCCY feedback?

    I fondled a few small pistols today, thinking about a carry gun. I have seen the SCCY advertisements but don't know anybody that has ever seen one in person Thoughts? Are they too good to be true? On par with kel-tec PF9? Ruger LC9? Kahr CM9?
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    Gunsmithing Highland Green Cerakote

    Anybody used this color? I'm wondering how well it would match with a black/green 5r stock. Opinions are welcomed!
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    Gunsmithing what to fill void between sxs barrels with?

    I just got a new-to-me Stevens 311 Series H which has had the barrels cut to 20". The cut looks good, but there's an open void between the barrels and I need to put something on the end to keep rust away (raw steel where cut, has just been kept oiled and in a safe w/ dehumidifier). Should I use...