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    Optics Sold

    Direct with the company. Thank u
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    Optics Sold

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    Optics Sold

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    Optics Sold

    I have a 50% off us optics FDN 17x or FDN 25x scope certificate. I am asking 300 shipped or pic sent to you. I accept PayPal f&f or plus 3.5%. Thank
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    SOLD Sold

    I have a brand new in box Kahles helia rangefinder for sale. It is this model I am...
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    Optics WTS 55% off Swaro Cert-900

    I have a 55% off swarovski cert for sale. Was going to use it to buy a spotter, but found a good used set of binos from a buddy. Cert entitles you to "55% off MSRP of a swarovski optik product". Good till Dec 31, 2021, redeemable directly thru the swarovski rep listed on the cert. I am asking...
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    Maverick Sandman L or Nomad 30

    My only experience with the 3 is the Maverick. So Maverick it is!!!!
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    Optics Sold

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    Accessories Federal 9mm HST Bulk Ammo

    I'll take at least 250
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    Accessories WTS: Foundation Genesis

    Seller is good to go. Deal with confidence
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    Left Hand Sale Impact Precision 737r In Stock

    Email Brian Allen at ATeam Precision. I think I understood that he had a big order of leftys and was going to TRY to stock them.
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    Accessories Sold

    Short action. Sorry
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    Accessories Sold

    I have a brand new, never used. Bergara b14 hmr stock for sale. Ot comes with bottom metal and screws, no magazine. It is the grey/brown with black webbing. I am asking 250 shipped, and I accept paypal f&f or plus 3.5 %. Thank u, greg
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    Reloading Equipment Sold

    I have a less than 6 month old, chargemaster lite for sale. I am asking 150 shipped. I accept paypal f&f or plus 3.5 %. Thank you, greg Does come with all factory box and accessories
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    SOLD lefty 223 bolt action rifle

    Good guy. Deal with confidence
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    Reloading Equipment Purchased

    Deal with confidence. If u can't trust superde, u cant trust anyone
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    Accessories Sold

    All 4 spf to Jcm