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    Night Vision FS: Nvision Halo LR

    Up for sale is my Nvision Halo LR. It is in like new condition. This was my primary thermal since i got it in july/aug 2019. Probably hunted with a 1-2 dozen times. Comes with everything it had new. Works great and the only reason im selling is to help fund an upgrade. Currently sitting on my...
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    SOLD N-Vision Halo

    I have a like new N-Vision halo for sale. Ive only hunted with it a couple of times and haven't even killed the set of batteries they come with. Most of the use has been scanning the back yard looking at critters. Comes with everything it had new. 5150 shipped and insured CONUS.
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    Night Vision IR LED Light Bars/Cubes for driving

    Looking for feedback on IR driving lights to mount on a side by side/golf cart for driving/hunting with dual 14s. Ive read through a few other threads and learned a lot but hoping for some advice on what setups yall have and what you like, dislike, and would have done differently. What i think...
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    Accessories WTB/WTTF Hawkins SA M5 Bottom Metal and TT Diamond

    I need to get a Hawkins M5 bottom metal for a SA and a TT Diamond with right hand safety. Dont need a bolt stop and not picky on trigger shoe. Just looking to see if someone has one they want to get rid of before i order new.
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    Optics WTB/WTT for a S&B 3-20 PMii (non ultra short)

    Looking to see if anyone has a 3-20 PMii non ultra short they are looking to trade off or sell. Not too picky on reticle or color but would prefer a black with MSR or similar reticle. Let me know what you've got and maybe we can work out a deal.
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    Hunting & Fishing Best source for Dove loads

    Dove season is right around the corner and i normally just buy a case from the local hardware store. They have a pretty steep markup on them and it looks like im going to be able to do a good bit more hunting than previous years, so i was wondering if anyone has any good places they normally...
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    Accessories FT/FS Spuhr 4003B

    I have a like new Spuhr 4003B mount id like to trade for a Spuhr 4616 (1.5" 34mm cantilever) in similar condition. Otherwise I'd sell it for 350 shipped and insured CONUS.
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    Accessories Hawk Hill 7mm 1.350" shank, Broughton 6.5mm, Bergara 22 cal

    Selling off some barrels i am not using: 1) Hawk Hill 7mm 8 twist modified Heavy Palma (1.350" shank) 28" long Blank- $400 2) Broughton 6.5mm 8 twist blank. Not sure of the contour but it is 1.263" at the chamber end and .815" at the muzzle end. 22" long blank- $300 3) Bergara 22 cal 12 twist...
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    Reloading Equipment Nosler 140 RDF 6 boxes of 500

    6 boxes of Nosler 140 RDFs. 4 are unopened and 2 have been opened but look full. I dont feel like counting them, so I'm discounting them assuming there are about 425 in there. SOLD Unopened boxes of 500- $115 each plus shipping Opened boxes- $100 each plus shipping Buy them all for 650 and ill...
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    Reloading Equipment Berger 109 Hybrids

    My new 6 BR barrels seem to prefer the 105s, so I have 8 unopened 500 count boxes of 109s for sale. All the same lot number. Asking 180 per box plus shipping. Trades id be interested in would be similar trade value of 105 hybrids, Triggertech diamond, or manners EH1/EH1A short action.
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    Accessories WTT/WTS CG Extreme trigger

    I was using this in a 223 trainer to match my AI comp trigger but im not shooting my AI as much now. Wanting to match the trigger in my Lone Peaks. Looking to trade the CG extreme trigger for a triggertech diamond or Bix n Andy tacsport pro or sell for $200 shipped CONUS
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    Optics FS: Swarovski or Khales 55% off cert

    I picked up a cert for 55% off msrp for any khales or swarovski optic. Was thinking about getting a new DS scope or btx spotter but plans have changed. Cert is good through the end of the year. Asking 1375 shipped CONUS.
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    Accessories Sold

    I picked up a cert for a free proof carbon fiber barrel valued at $1100 or less. Planned on getting a carbon prefit for a hunting setup but going a different direction with the build. Looking at their site, the prefits go anywhere from about 940 to 1100 depending on what you are after. Sold
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    Accessories Found

    Im looking for a low mileage 6 BR reamer set up for 105-109 bergers and no turn neck for lapua brass and a go gauge. Preferably a JGS reamer but open to others. Found what i need. THANKS!
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    Accessories Sold

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    Optics Sold: US Optics MR10 1.8-10 EREK GAP Mil Reticle

    Selling a US Optics MR10 1.8-10 FFP GAP Mil reticle. It has the 1/10 Mil EREK elevation knob. See pics of box for complete details. In overall very good shape. No marks on the glass and just a couple small scratches on the scope body. 1250 Shipped CONUS. Insurance is on the buyer.
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    Firearms Price Drop Accurate Ordnance 6.5 Saum Barreled Action

    I bought this with the intention of finishing it out to hunt with. Ended up never shooting it and going a different direction. Original owner claimed about 500 rounds down it. All work was done by Accurate Ordnance. Specs are: SS Trued 700 action with 20 Moa NF base and threaded bolt handle...
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    Accessories Sold: Proof Carbon 1.350" shank 6.5 1-8 twist 24" blank

    I picked this proof blank up with plans of doing a 6.5 PRC for my AXMC long action. Plans changed and now i dont need the blank. To confirm this is a 1.350" shank carbon blank. Part number 18124. Sold 650 Shipped CONUS. Insurance is on the buyer.
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    Reloading Equipment WTB/WTTF 88 ELD

    About to order a bunch of 88 ELDs. Figured id see if anyone had a bunch they wanted to get rid of before i place the order. Would be particularly interested if you have some of lot # 2180640 as thats what I'm about to run out of. Would prefer to buy 1k of the same lot unless you have some of...
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    Accessories FS: Foundation Exodus Dark Distressed SOLD

    Selling a Foundation Exodus dark distressed finish. Inletted for a Impact SA and Hawkins bottom metal. Will come with the full length ARCA rail. Bottom metal not included. It is in like new condition with just a few trips to the range with my 223 trainer barreled action. 1200 Shipped CONUS SOLD...