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    Optics Vortex Razor HD Gen III 1-10X MRAD / Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27X56 FFP Tremor 3

    Two Razor HDs for sale. 1. 1-10x Gen iii MRAD reticle. excellent condition but one cap got scuffed up a bit (replaceable through vortex). $2100 Shipped 2. Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27X56 FFP Tremor 3 - MINT condition in the box. Mounted and zeroed then pulled off - $2100 Shipped
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    Ammo Federal Gold Medal 300 Norma Mag 215 GR Berger Hybrid - GM300NMBH1

    Bought these for $107 from optics planet then decided to sell my MRAD. 22.5 boxes avail - $90 per box
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    Rifle Scopes Athlon Cronus GEN2 UHD vs Trijicon Tenmile vs Delta Stryker

    Looking at picking up one of these for a Tikka im scoring. All seem relatively close. Athlon would be the cheapest at roughly $1200 (and probably expenseable through cameraland). Delta is $1500 and Trijicon is $1650. Any other options I'm missing?
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    Sig Cross vs Tikka CTR in Chassis

    Well given the current market prices I'm debating parting from my MRAD. I LOVE it but when they are going for the current prices... between the rifle, caliber conv, and 300 NM ammo that's never shot, I have over 10k sitting in a rifle that's shot a few times per year max. Question is: Tikka...
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    Vortex 30mm Mount vs $$$

    Been bouncing back and forth on scope mounts for my AR recently. Ive been debating on waiting for the new Reptilia MOS which is 1.54", also looked at the NF ultralight but don’t love the low 1.5" rise. Badger C1 is impossible to get in 1.7" Then noticed vortex has a basic cantileaver which is...
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    Optics Steiner T5XI 3-15x SCR Mil/Mil + SPUHR SP-4602 34mm 20moa

    Mint condition t5xi with SCR Mil reticle. Comes with the sunshade. Optic: $1350 Shipped Add SPUHR SP-4602 for $300 (or $320 shipped alone)
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    Optics Scalarworks LEAP & Badger Condition 1 (C1) 1.70" 34mm Mounts

    2x Badger C1 1.70 / 34mm mounts avail - $320 shipped each (this is what i have in them with tax/shipping). Both brand new in the box 1x Scalarworks Leap 34mm - $370 shipped - mint condition. Used once at the range (this is 1.54"/cowitness)
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    SOLD Accuracy International Competition Trigger

    As the title states. Mint condition with very low round count - $425 Shipped
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    Optics BNIB Athlon Cronus BTR 4.5-29×56 APRS1 - MRAD SKU#210111

    Brand new in the box - $1200 shipped
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    SOLD Primary Arms Platinum 1-8x ACSS Griffin Mil, EOTECH XPS 2-0, 34mm American Defense QD Mount 1.93"

    PA Platinum ACSS R-Grid (mrad). Mint condition in box with Buttler creek flip caps - $950 EOTECH XPS2-0 - No box but about 2 months old. Never ranged - $450 ADM 1.93" 34mm mount - $175
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    Optics WTB: Badger C1 34mm 1.7” mount

    Looking for the mount (2 if possible)
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    Rifle Scopes LMT MWS - ATACR Reticle Choices

    Currently shooting a 13.5” 308 mws and will be throwing in the 6.5 barrel when my back order gets called on in 2025 Throwing a 4-16x atacr on it but was wondering which reticle was better suited? Tremor3 seems a little too busy for 200-700 yard gun. Mil-c or mil-XT?
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    Rifle Scopes ATACR 5-25/7-35 vs Mark 5HD vs Razor HD

    Trying to sort out an optic for my MRAD - with T3 reticle. I have a Razor HD en route which i picked up for $2100 but now thinking there are better routes. The Mark 5HD is only a little more for the 5-25 variation, with the ATACR 5-25 another step up and 7-35 leading the pack. Is it worth...
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    Rifle Scopes Razor Gen III - Upcoming Models/High Mag in the Future?

    Im loving my G3 1-10x. Im getting ready to upgrade two of my optics but was wondering if there are any G3 models on the horizon with a higher mag range? The G2 4.5-27 is due for an upgrade. I would also be all over a slightly lower top end version for my 308 semi
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    300 Norma Mag - 250gr Hornady A-Tip Load data?

    Been digging around but cant seem to find any solid load data for this. I know its a relatively new bullet
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    300 WinMag vs 300 PRC vs 300 Norma

    Just started looking into a mangnum option for ELR. I know 300 PRC takes the cake for efficiency in just about every regard over the other two but given current times its just not available. Im fine reloading it but cant even pickup the powder/brass/primers. At this point its easier to get 300...
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    Firearms Accuracy International AI AX Pale Brown - Lots of Accessories. 6.5 Creedmoor / 308

    Accuracy International AX 308, multi caliber short action rifle. 6.5 Creedmoor barrel currently has under 200 rounds thru it. Rifle is in excellent plus condition. FDE, both barrels 24" with 5/8 x 24 threading. Rifle comes with many extras, RRS hand grip with RRS Barricade stop, ARCA Rail on...
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    300 PRC Brass/ Ammo

    I assume the ammo shortage is the reason its not available anywhere? Was interested in picking up rifle for ELR but not sure if this caliber is the ticket given the current situation
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    Accessories Accuracy International 16" 308 Barrel in Tan - AX 308

    This was a brand new factory 24" barrel that i had ADCO cut down to 16". Put about 20 rounds through it then decided to scope my LMT. $550 Shipped
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    Firearms Nordic Components / Rainier Arms Match 6.5 Creedmoor AR10

    Nordic Components AR10 with a JP High pressure bolt and Rainier Arms fluted match 18" 6.5 Creedmoor Barrel. Added: -Seekins Precision adjustable gas block -Radian SD Charging Handle -Radian 45* Selectors -Milspec trigger About 80-100 rounds through it. Took this exact setup out to 1200 yards...