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    Night Vision PVS-7 IIT size

    Could someone please let me know the dimensions of a PVS-7 IIT (MX-10130). Cheers,
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    Night Vision Armasight CO-MR tube

    I have a gen 2 standard def Armasight CO-MR clip-on and was wondering if anyone knew the type/size of IIT it uses, I'd rather not open it up to find out atm. Just looking at the possibility of upgrading to a better image intensifier. Cheers,
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    Night Vision Please help with clip-on optic

    I have the need for a medium (25-200m) range scope to be used half the time with a gen 2 clip-on on an AR based 17hmr. I’m looking at either these two Steiner scopes: Steiner P4i 1-4x24 variable scope. Steiner M536 fixed 5x36 battle sight. Both scopes have NV settings and I’ll be using an IR...
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    300wm projectile swap

    I have some factory Norma 300winmag ammo with 178gr soft point projectiles. I was wondering if it would be ok to pull and reseat them with 190gr Nolser custom comp projectiles. If anyone thinks that's potently a bad idea... let me know.
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    Gunsmithing McMillian stock texture

    I needed to sand some of my painted McMillian stock for a repair and have left the stock smooth where I was working. I was wondering if anyone knew what the best method/product I need to use to match the texture that the painted stocks have, it maybe called a non-slip pebble finish?
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    Accurate-Mag chassis

    Does anyone have any details on this stock? Hoping they have Savage short and long action options.
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    Gunsmithing 300wm in a 338lap mag

    Would a 300win mag round feed from a 338lap AICS mag by bending the feed lips slightly? Any help would be great.
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    AX AICS for Savage

    Looks like it will happen. On the EuroOpitc site under AX AICS it mentions the AX chassis will be available for Savage actions mid 2012. Let's hope it happens along with the regular AICS. If it does, I'd be in for 3 AX stocks.
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    Gunsmithing Barrel in the white coating/finishing?

    I'm looking at getting a chrome moly rough turned barrel blank in the white. I was wondering what options would I have in terms of coating the finished barrel. Would cerakote be an alternative to blueing? Cheers,