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    Optics *** SOLD*** L3 NGAL $6500 TYD

    I responded to your PM. I accept. Thank you.
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    Night Vision WP Night Vision - Range Finder

    If any of your customers choose to bow out on their transaction, I'm a buyer, as I posted above. Just PM me. Thanks.
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    Firearms AI w/obsession chassis + AX stock, .223 bolt/mags/barrel, .308 barrel, 6gt barrel

    Just a heads up, I sent you an email, in case it goes to your spam / junk folder. Sent a PM too, but I remember your mentioning having some trouble with the PM's, hence the email. Thanks!
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    Accessories Very RARE KAC 7.62 Enhanced Comp 3/4x24 thread.

    Do you know if this muzzle brake is compatible with the KAC M-110 suppressor? Thanks.
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    SOLD Bix N Andy 2 stage

    Edit: Sorry, didn't notice it was marked sold in the title.
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    SOLD Bix'n Andy TacSport 2-Stage R700 Trigger - $205

    I'll take it. Will PM you for payment information.
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    Night Vision WP Night Vision - Range Finder

    I'll take one, if someone backs out. I have plenty of 100% positive feedback on and building some on here now too.
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    Accessories Worlds largest american made Vise. 8" WIlton machinist bullet vise NEW. Advice who to trade it to please

    Try Fastenal. They used to provide very cheap shipping. You'll have to go online to see if they have a depot within a reasonable distance to you. They used to be popular with muscle car enthusiasts to ship engines. I would be interested in the vice, depending on what you'd want for it. Send...
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    I'll take the L3 SRF, per our telephone conversation and PM's. EDIT: Payment has been sent. ==============================
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    Accessories Nightforce Wedge Prism for sale.

    I'll take it, if it's still for sale. PM me.
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    Firearms AI w/obsession chassis + AX stock, .223 bolt/mags/barrel, .308 barrel, 6gt barrel

    I'll take this, per our PM agreement. Edit: Payment sent this afternoon.
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    Accessories Spuhr A-700 NV Clip-On Adapter

    I'll take it. Please PM me with your payment information.
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    SOLD AIAX R700SA Post '14 Chassis, Forend Rail, Action Rail, and AI Mags!

    I'll take this, per our email correspondences.
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    Optics Holosun 510c/3x magnifier combo

    Just sent you a PM. Edit: I'll take this per our PM's.
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    Optics FOUND - Leupold D-EVO

    Sent you a PM.
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    SOLD *SOLD* Vudoo V22 20” Kukri BA

    I'll take it. PM sent for payment info.