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    Seekins DBM and Accurate Mag WSM

    Accurate Mag's WSM mags will run fine in Glen's SA metal? Right? Any other ideas on a "low profile" setup for a hunting rig? Trying to keep stuff from hanging below the trigger guard.
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    Suppressors Anyone Recognize the Manufacturer of This?

    Something for use with a can? Threaded 5/8 x 24. Came on a .260 I bought and I have no experience with this type stuff. Just trying to get an ID.
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    Rifle Scopes Leupold's TMOA as a Hunting Reticle?

    Is the TMOA "bold" enough in a non-illuminated unit to work well as a big game reticle in low light conditions? Considering a 4-24x52 VX-6.
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    Gunsmithing Rifle Balance Question for a Norma Build

    I'm about to send all the parts for my 338 build off to Mr. Snyder. Like so often happens (at least to me), I changed my tune mid-stride and decided against 338 Edge and for 338 Norma. So I ordered a new bolt from PTG and thought I was all set. When I ordered this ABS/Proof barrel, I wanted a...
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    Bottom Metal Options for BDL Inlet

    I have a couple of McMs that are inletted for BDL. What are my options for DM systems that will drop into BDL inletting without too much milling, and will allow me to run AI or similiar mags? How much trouble is it / Is it possible / to inlett BDL to receive Badger or Seekins DM?
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    Accuracy On the Cheap...a Work in Progress

    Several years ago, I, for some reason that I can't remember, bought an oddball barreled action off the internet. It was the oh-so-popular 7mm-08AI. It was a Krieger barrel, and the seller insisted that it had not been shot much at all, and it was smithed to a 700SA. I really do love lots of...
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    Rifle Scopes Lightweight 338 Norma...What Scope?

    Waiting on my bolt to get here from PTG to send all the parts to Mr. Snyder for a LW 338 Norma build. Do you suppose my 4-16x50 Victory FL will hang in an 11 pound setup pushing 300s? Or should I eat my budget and buy a PMII or a K312?
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    Lets talk about protruding discs

    I'm an otherwise healthy 40 year old with a moderate protusion of the L4 L5 disc. Real common injury. Mine involved trying to pull a big whitetail onto the bed of a golf cart. Brilliant.... The doctor and PTs that I've used insist that I should never, ever, ever, ever squat or deadlift again...
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    Rifle Scopes Kahles 312?

    Anyone spent time behind one? Impressions? A quick internet search yielded not much by way of reviews.
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    Brake for a lightweight 338 Norma

    I'm about to send Robert Snyder a box of parts to put together a Norma long range hunter that will include... Reminton RUM receiver PTG 1-Piece bolt McMillan Remington Hunter ABS/Benchmark 9.3 twist Sendero contour, finish at 28", .900 at muzzle. I hope, using a brake, to tame this build to...
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    Help with inlet identification, please.

    I have purchased a strange bird indeed. This is a McM Pre-64 Monte Carlo inletted for a Remington 700 long action. But it is not inletted for Remmy bottom metal. I spoke with Heather at McM, and she suggested that someone might have been going for a M40-A1-ish build and inletted for the...
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    Rifle Scopes Ring lapping question

    In an effort to show my ignorance, I ask the following... I use lots of Warne rings and Talley rings and I have never lapped them. Warne instructions suggest that you not lap and I am not sure about Talley. I have never had trouble with ring marks or scope movement either. This has been true of...
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    Rifle Scopes Diatal Diavari???

    Are the Diatal Diavari scopes the same quality as the Victory Diavari? How long ago did Zeiss stop making these?
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    Zeiss FL Binos??

    Anyone looked at them side by side with Swaro ELs? Thaoughts??
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    AI-3 Contour

    Would a #5 contour barrel look too small in a McM A1-3. I have two flattops in this stock and I am trying to decide on builds and would like to keep the weight of a 7mm-338Lapua down to something below ten pounds.
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    My 2nd Attempt at Camo Painting

    This .223 is a little truck-gun project that was put together from parts laying around. Hust, does this barrel look familiar? Anyway, I had an action from who-knows-where and a HS Precision LTR stock that was left orphaned after I upraded the stock on a 308. This go around I used a few more...