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    Optics WTB: 16x SS mil

    Looking for a 16 X super sniper with mil adjustments. No interest in any other power. Let me know what you have.
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    Firearms WTS: FN 5.7 Like New $975 FTF Ohio

    Recent purchase from the hide. Original owner put 40 rounds through it, so did I. I'd like to avoid shipping another pistol so I'm looking for a FTF transaction in Ohio. I'm centrally located so I'm willing to meet up about anywhere in the state as long as the weather is nice. $975.00 with...
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    Firearms WTB: FN PS90

    Let me know what you have. Thanks.
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    Reloading Equipment WTS: PTG FL .375 CT Dies

    Going a different route. $150 shipped. USPS money order or PayPal f&f. No box or case was provided with them. They'll arrive to you as they arrived to me from PT&G.
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    Reloading Equipment SPF: AB 375 CT dies

    $325 shipped. I loaded 25 rounds with them. As new. PayPal f&f or usps money order.
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    375 CT neck help

    I have 100 pcs of Bertram 375 brass. I have a set of Applied Ballistics and PTG FL dies. I have one piece of Peterson brass for comparison. The neck diameter of a loaded round in Peterson brass measures 0.405". Loaded neck in Bertram brass is just under 0.400". My AB dies size the Bertram...
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    Labradar error 23049

    I've owned a LR for a couple of years. Today was the third time I took it out and it wouldn't arm. This thing has frustrated me every time it leaves the house. I just bought a JKL trigger system for it in hopes to lessen my frustration. The trigger will be here next week... Is there a reset...
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    375 solids, jump tolerant?

    I'm trying not to reinvent the wheel here and I'd like to get your real world experience. I've found my lands and I'm trying to determine a good starting point. 0.030" off? 60 off? 120 off? Is there a rule of thumb for solids? Standard 375 CT. I have both CE 400 lasers and Berger 379 solids...
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    Accessories Found: NF unimout 30mm 20 moa 1.375"

    FOUND ONE. Thanks.
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    Any experiance with heavy CE Lazers and twist rates?

    Long story short... I just took delivery of two barrels after a 9 month wait. One in 375 CT and one in 416 Barrett for an HTI. Both were supposed to be 8 twists for shooting Cutting Edge 400 Lazers and 550 Lazers. I have measured the twist rate of barrels. The 416 is correct. The 375 is a 9...
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    Gunsmithing Proper way to measure barrel length?

    This article has been around the block a couple times... Secrets of the Houston Warehouse In it, they make the statment that 21 3/4" is the magic barrel length but, they don't say where the measurment starts. I know for NFA stuff, you close the bolt, drop a cleaning rod down the barrel, mark &...
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    Which case? 105 Hybrid at 3K out of a 22"ish barrel. 6x47L, 6XC, 6Creed, 6SLR...

    I'm having my FN re barreled and I want to run a 22" (ish) barrel. I want to get the Berger 105 Hybrids to 3k without being on the edge. I know the 6 Creed is all the rage here but, If I don't need the extra boiler room of the larger case to reach my goal in the shorter barrel then... I'm going...
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    Suppressors Has anybody e filed a Form 1 suppressor?

    I filed a F1 SBR last month with no issue so, this was a bit of a surprise. I FINALLY was able to get on to the site tonight and it was going great. I get to part 4, the "Line Item" where you add a firearm, only, I don't want to add a firearm. I want to fill it out with my suppressor info. I...
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    Suppressors Anybody played with AEM2, 3, or 4?

    I'm looking to put a FA rated can on my 7.5" AA 556 and 10.3" DD Mk18. I can't find much actual info about the Allen Eng 556 cans other than what's listed in the limited description over at ADCO. I know the Mod 12 (AEM5) is well liked however, that would kind of defeat the idea of a short...
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    Suppressors Date question on "Assignment of Property" document (with pic)

    When I started in to the NFA world, back in '09, Brian Gaston set me up with my trust to send in. It's worked for the past 7 items with no issue. Now I want to e-file a form 1 and have heard they flat out deny you if there are any issues with your "paperwork" and you get kicked out totally and...
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    Suppressors Electronic Form Browser Question

    I'm aware there is a thread that has some good info in it. I've read it and I don't want to highjack that thread since it's supposed to be about approval times. I went over to the website [ ] and it says they recommend internet explorer 8. IE8 Requires Vista which, I don't...
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    Suppressors 556 vs 762 can on a 7.5" 223

    I've always been of the belief that using a 308 can on a 223 is more than good enough and certainly more practical. I now have a 7.5" 223 upper that's going to dish out more abuse than my 308 can will take. I had my mind made up and was going to call my dealer this week to get a 556 Saker and...
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    Fancy paint work and service from Short Bus

    I just wanted to publicly thank Branden (Short Bus) for the excellent work and super fast turn around on my stock. He has provided the best service I believe I have EVER received in this industry. Keep up the GREAT work!!!
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    Rayners June Long Range Shoot

    June 23rd-24th (whichever weekend the 4th Sunday falls on Feb - Oct) come on down to Rayners. We shoot some steel out to <span style="font-weight: bold">1000</span> yards. Cost is $20 per shoot. Sign up and B.S. session starts around 9 am. Shooting starts at 9:45. We do break for lunch where...
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    Horizontal Stringing

    I really don't know where to put this thread. I'm going to presume it's a load issue with 2 different rifles. Here it goes... I went out at 200 yards to test some loads and see what would happen with seating depth changes. The first picture was shot "round robin". I would shoot one round that...