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  1. CD0311

    Accessories WTT FN 13” wedge lock rail.

    I have a FN Tac2 with a 13” wedge lock rail. Would like to trade for a 15” wedge lock rail. Thanks
  2. CD0311

    Accessories Tenebraex 50LC Leupold kill flash sun shade

    $80 obo shipped. Like new. Pics are front and back.
  3. CD0311

    Accessories WTT NF 34mm 1.5” Rings

    For equal quality 34mm 1.1-1.2” rings. I purchased them from another member here and they are a bit to high for the Ashbury M700 (M4 CTR Stock). I still have the package. Text / call works best. Thanks 480-259-zero8six7
  4. CD0311

    Accessories FN 3 Prong Flash Hider $30 SOLD

    Take of from my FN Tac 2. Has about 300 rounds through. No crush washer. 480-259-zero867 Thanks $200 shipped with the other posting on the Colt BCG
  5. CD0311

    Accessories Colt BCG- SOLD-

    Complete like new Colt BCG. Came from a 6920 from 2015-16. Never fired by me other than factory. I marked the cam pin with a sharpie to keep it on the same way as I took it off. It’s not marked with a “C” on the side at first I thought WTF but according to Small Arms Solutions Colt didn’t always...
  6. CD0311

    Hogue EX-AO1 folder

    $150 obo shipped New only opened box for pics. Black blade not silver. Thanks
  7. CD0311

    FS. Talley Remington 30mm rings $40

    Took them of the rifle I just picked up. From the bottom of the ring (top of the receiver) to the center of the ring they are about 1 3/16”. the scope that was on was a falcon with a 56mm objective and had about 1/8” clearance on a Rem varmint barrel. Includes mounting hardware. $40 shipped
  8. CD0311

    SOLD: HS Precision 700P Stock and Floor Plate. Shipped $200

    Very good condition. Bolts not included. Prefer PayPal gift or you pay fees or face to face in the Phoenix AZ area. Edit: short action (On good guy list a couple of times) Thanks.
  9. CD0311

    WTS: Lowa Trekker size 13 $250 shipped Have about 50miles on them. We’re treated with nikwax about 2 months ago then take on a hike so they have a little dust. They don’t have insoles.
  10. CD0311

    Hunting & Fishing What’s your go to hunting knife? (Winkler or Barkriver, Battle Horse??)

    I’m giving my wife a Christmas list ? I’m wanting a new fixed blade hunting knife this year. I would like to keep it under $200 and US made. I’ve kindof narrowed it down to: Bark River- Fox River or Gunny 3v Battle Horse- Patriot Scout Winkler- Blue Ridge Hunter ($300 more of a want)...
  11. CD0311

    Advanced Marksmanship Shooting with a sling

    I thought there was a thread on sling shooting techniques, if there isn’t could we start one. I still like the 1907 style but I’m looking for other options to try. If you wouldn’t mind sharing which sling and how you use it. Much appreciated.
  12. CD0311

    Ep 159

    LL, Which scopes were being used for that class? Any issues? Podcast played file?
  13. CD0311

    Doc_Smiley is GTG

    Fast Payment, Good comms, Great transaction..Thanks Doc
  14. CD0311

    Snake Eater Tactical: Riggers / Gun Belt Review

    Im posting a review on my new gun belt on glocktalk (because I can post pics from my phone there) so far really impressed with the quality! Chris was great to work with! Let me know what you guys think. Link works with pics. Sorry...
  15. CD0311

    Range Report Ballistic program w/ DA

    I have seen a bunch of new programs come out but not one where you just plug in the density altitude. Why not? would it not be as accurate? Is there a BP where you just plug in your DA from a weather station?
  16. CD0311

    Never ask a Marine

    NEVER ASK A MARINE... A young Army officer was in a serious car accident, but the only visible permanent injury was to both of his ears, which were amputated. Since he wasn't physically impaired he remained in the Army and eventually rose to the rank of General. He was, however very sensitive...
  17. CD0311

    DownEast -Frame-Problem! Update.

    I need a new frame for my large Alice. Anyone try one of these?
  18. CD0311

    Rifle Scopes Leupold mildot vs The rest info

    A few months ago there was a thred about how the Leupold mildot was not a 1mil=3.438moa reticle but 3.375 does any one have it saved? Thanks
  19. CD0311

    Rifle Scopes Post your 1-4 Power Optic TTS Pics

    I was mainly looking for through the scope pics of the 1-4 NSX with FC-2 Reticle. If you guys can post any 1-4 or low power optic tts pics that would be great. If this topic has been covered sorry. Search Fu not so great today
  20. CD0311

    Rifle Scopes Any one use or herd of American rifle co?