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    Anyone using Rival Arms chassis?

    I sent an email out to Rival arms about more pics on there chassis for an upcoming build and have received anything back from them anyone ever used one ?
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    Has anyone reloaded Stainless steel brass yet

    so im my late night search for the end of the internet i ran across these and these so im looking at these and im curious about them I'm consider trying them i generally use brass cartridges for...
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    Reloading Equipment WTB once fired stainless steel brass/cartridges from Novx or Shell Shock Technologies

    Just as the title says im looking for some once fired shell casings/brass/cartridges what ever you like to refer to them as not concerned if its from Novx or SST let me know what you have or if you've already tried them out
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    Accessories PRICE DROP AGAIN!! ------------------ Bate's USMC Durashock Steel Toe Hot Weather Boot E40501 10.0EW

    Bought them for work and they don't fit they were a special order from the mandatory employer shoe vendor and i cant return them now i'm stuck with a pair of steel toe boots that don't fit they seam to be wide in the ankle shin area great boot and i'm very disappointed my loss can become your...
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    SOLD Elzette 2 cell flashlight

    bought this over 8 years ago when i was younger and had more money think ive used it 2 times other wise its just been sitting in the draw collecting dusk Elzetta ZFL-M60 its built like a tank and is a great light i just dont need it to be honest they have since changed the part number to what i...
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    Kershaw Ken Onion 1580 st s30v NEW

    time to clean up the shelves and list a few items 1st item of the day is a kershaw 1580 st s30v been sitting in the draw for years never been used or carried no box discontinued item by kershaw listed for $185 retailed for $125 new to you for $100 cash ftf or $105 shipped conus/paypal im tired...
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    Member Link Up Smith needed in Connecticut

    anyone know of a gun smith in the Connecticut area that can assemble a Remington 700? thanks for the input
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    Member Link Up Smith in Connecticut

    anyone know of a gun smith in the Connecticut area that can assemble a Remington 700? thanks for the input
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    Maggie’s Dog Pees on electric fence

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    Williamsport, PA @ 1,000 yards

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    Photos BOHICA muzzle break

    BOHICA MKII @ Quantico