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    Spotters Options for Pictures Through Spotter

    I have a Vortex 27-60x85mm spotter that I would like to be able to take pictures through with my phone. Would be nice to take pictures through the 22x eye piece with the reticle too. I don’t want to have to remove my phone from it’s case if possible. Also would be nice if it is...
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    Accessories FOUND - WTB TBAC 338BA Brake, 3/4x24.

    As the title says, I need one 338BA brake threaded 3/4x24. Used is fine as long as still serviceable. Thanks!!
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    Feedback rth1800 is gtg.

    rth1800 is good to go. Good comms, fair price, good packaging and quick shipping. R4B
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    Feedback Fitz is GTG.

    Great comms, fast shipping, & really good packing.
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    Feedback gehrm is GTG!

    Good comms, accurate description, good packaging, quick shipping!!!
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    Feedback BenelliHunter is gtg

    He is a great seller! Great comms, accurate description, and fast shipping with secure packing.
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    Trx498r is GTG

    I bought a bipod off him. The item description was accurate, his comms were quick & concise, fast shipping with good packaging. R4B
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    RussW1911 isGTG.

    Great & accurate comms & shipping. Knowledgeable too.
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    Moss Dynamics is GTG

    Good communication, fast shipping. Good guy!
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    Suppressors Who to consider for multiple supressor purchase?

    So I have mostly been a lurker around here soaking up information. After reading, researching, etc, I have decided to make a purchase of several supressors at once. I want to ensure I price shop all reputable dealers. I have an SOT locally who will handle the transfers if necessay (out of...