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    Blast from the past

    Went through my dad's reloading equipment since he can't do it anymore and found these gems. Plus 2k large pistol primers. Has anyone tried pistol primers in bolt guns I don't have anything that shoots large pistol and would like to be able to use them
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    Rifle Competition Events 1 mile match AAR

    Shot my 2nd ever 1 mile match put on by Accuracy Indiana up near Crane Naval Station. 92 round course of fire came in 35/77 and hit the mile target on the second shot. Went 4/10 at a mile and only zeroed one stage. If you're close they do it every year and hand out keychains to those who hit the...
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    Short range trajectory validation

    Don't have access to anything close by beyond about 350 400 is pushing it. My idea is could I put a large sheet of paper up and measure out the mils on it and hold at a spot lower on the target and get my dope that way? Have a long range match coming up and doing a new load
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    Suppressors First can

    So getting my first can with tax return this year. Will be used on 22, 223, 6.5 creed, 9mm and maybe 300blk if I ever decide to shoot it anymore. Debating between a Griffin Optimus, yhm r9 (not sure if it's okay on 6.5), or a liberty mystic x. Which would you go with? If it was in stock I'd get...
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    Sample pack load development

    Trying to find a bullet my 6.5 likes since I got bit by the exploding 147s and it doesn't like the 120 gmx. I'm debating either the 129 or 142 ablr for critters and ran across sample packs. What would you all recommend doing on these? A ladder or 3 round ocw groups or something else?
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    Rifle Scopes Eye cup

    I know the Russians have/ had them on the psop and such but had anyone tried using an eye cup on the ocular for shooting in like a competiton where the sun is in your face and you can't see through your optic. Had a stage at a match recently that I had to have the lady running the tablet stand...
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    Feedback Nomad909 gtg

    sold my old dies to him great to deal with
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    Accessories Savage 308 barrel

    24 inch 1:10 fluted threaded barrel has 230 rounds through it asking 120 plus shipping
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    Reloading Equipment 308 dies

    All have less than 100 rounds through them changing to 6.5 Creedmoor Forster ultra seater $50 Redding bushing sizer die with Forster .335 bushing $ 50 Shipping not included price
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    Truing velocity issues

    So went to my parents place the other day for some range time while I'm on call and figured I'd double check my dope. My chronograph was acting goofy last time I tried using it so I just sat a target out at 359 yards. Longest I can get without moving a bunch of old equipment. Shot this 5 shot...
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    Frank's idea got me thinking

    Getting caught up with the podcast while working today and 237 got me wondering if the math would work out. So I went to JBM and plugged some numbers in. This is what I came up with for recoil don't think we can come up with a 375CHEYTAC that will recoil like that 6gt. To think I used to hate...
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    Range Report New isn't always better

    So don't think my rifle like the Eldm's the smaller group was my m118lr clone load second was 178 eldm. .20 off the lands with 43.5 grains of imr4064. This sucks because I figured the eldm would fly better oh well I'll shoot up what I've got and get some more smk's If I could find a few of the...
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    Training Courses Training class in the week?

    Trying to get to a class in the next couple years. But with my work I can't take a Friday my vacation has to be m-f so for travel and such a Tuesday to Thursday class would be optimal does anyone know of any place that offers such a course
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    Prone position help

    Hopefully someone can give me some pointers on this. I was zeroing my 308 and the wife's 243 yesterday for deer season and when I got down behind my rifle I got a cramp in my rib and lower back every time I settled in behind it. Had my bipod up to the 2nd from top notch (9-13) I'm running an mpa...
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    1st ladder test

    Shot at 200 yards no pressure signs all the way up from 41.5 to 45. First time shooting a ladder test so where should I go from here
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    308 178eldm problem

    I tried working a load up for my FLCP-SR for 178 eldm with 4064 and made them to the same size as my other rounds and they won't chamber without considerable force. Anyone else experience that with a stock savage barrel and the eldm bullets. I've resized some brass a fired case down farther...
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    Sharvest g2g

    Everything went awesome other than my ignorant redneck reading comprehension lol. Pleasure doing business with you sir
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    First trip with new chassi

    Finally got the rifle out with the new chassis. Lost pics of my original target but this is the best I got yesterday while trying to zero my busted scope Load is 41.5 of 4064 with a 175 smk at 2.8 coal. Basically m118lr clone safe in 99.9% of 308 out there Dam near cut my group size in half...
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    Wonderful end to my weekend

    Taking my daughter home tonight and got into a bit of a coughing fit and ran off the road and totalled my wife 2107 Jeep Renegade. Feeling like a real heel right now. Only damage to any of us except from soreness my shins got gashed up from the knee restraint airbag
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    Question about competition

    So I know quite a few that do long rifle competition reload do most prs type matches allow you to collect your brass after a stage? Sent from my LG-H901 using Tapatalk