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    JAE-700 bolt binding

    Thanks in advance for looking. I picked up a used JAE-700 chassis and I'm trying to put in my atlas tactical. Whenever I even moderately tighten the action screws the bolt binds up. The rear bolt isn't protruding, and based on the number of turns I can get the front bolt to turn I doubt it is...
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    I broke the pin in my Lee decapper...

    I have probably <500 cases through this thing. Tonight I ran a LC69 30-06 (original crimped primer) through it and BANG, end of the pin's life. It wasn't a lot of $, but it appears to be a weak POS. Leads me to 2 questions: 1) Is the pin replaceable? Is that an easily obtained part (ie...
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    Please recommend: 30 cal bullet for coyotes

    I'm mostly a paper-puncher, but we've got a problem w/ coyotes. The bastards have taken 2 dogs, over a dozen chickens, a few cats, a goat, and 2 calves from the immediate area. The 2 dogs were mine. This is war. I've got a 308, 1-11" 26" Lawton repeater in a MAK kit that I use for...
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    Maybe a m1903 target build?

    I've got a stripped receiver, and some other misc parts, for a M1903 Springfield I got from the CMP 10 years ago or so. I'm thinking of having it built into a vintage target rifle, but have a shitpile of questions: <ul style="list-style-type: disc">First, and most importantly, who would you...
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    Reasonable ES/SD goals?

    I tried a test load in my new 308 (pretty used to 223 77 & 80's). I used: LC94 Match unfired Fed 210 42.0 Varget (carefully weighed, see chargemaster thread) 175 Nosler CC 2.800 tip to primer, +/- .002" .002 neck tension I didn't do primer pocket uniforming or plash hole deburring yet, my...
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    Rifle Scopes My new NF and the vanishing reticle

    I need a little help with my new NF 5.5-22x56 w/ the NP-R1 reticle. I focused against a cloud by turning the ocular and wearing my normal glasses and trying not to look at it for more than a few seconds. This seemed to work fine. BTW, as for my vision I have astigmatism and am slightly near...
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    Chargemaster & varget - overweight charges?

    I have a chargemaster 1500 (actually 1/2 of one, split w/ a buddy) and just started using it. He's been using it w/ H332 and loves it. I loaded it up w/ Varget and was trying to get 42.0 grain charges. It took me 64 drops to get exactly 25 of them that were 42.0. Most would end up at 42.2...
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    Using Redding type-S bushing dies

    A few months ago somebody did a pretty good write-up on using these dies. Could someone repost that link? I can't seem to find it anywhere w/ search... Thanks, -Slice
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    Redfield palma repair help

    Several months ago I ordered a couple of redfield palma rear sights from the CMP. Never really checked them out, just chucked the box onto the shelf. Fast forward to the past weekend, took the kids out to shoot the 22 target rifles. What I pretty quickly figured out was that both had very...
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    Gunsmithing 40X, new stock, and kids... help?

    I've got one of the CMP 40X's on the way that I'd like to make into a target rifle for the kids (8 & 10). Although I ordered the one w/ the "youth" stock, I'm assuming it will still be too big. I realize the rifle will probably weigh as much as the kids, but they'll be shooting off of a bench...
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    Rifle Scopes NF 5.5-22 56mm obj size?

    If someone has one of these, could you measure the outside diameter of the objective? Trying to make sure I get the right size rings... Thanks in advance, -Slice
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    Rifle Scopes Are there any good QD rings?

    I read the ARMS/SPR thread, and was left a little less than impressed by the ARMS rings. Are there any QD rings that are worth a crap? I would define this as quality build, fit/finish, and ability to reliably return to zero. This isn't for an AR, so I think I need rings only, not a new...
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    MAK Switch-barrel?

    For those of you out there w/ a MAK tubegun (or maybe the Elisio): Have any of you configured yours as a switch-barrel rifle? I've read some reviews, posts, etc. about this being done, but no details on how. I'm in the process of piecing one together. I really can't afford 2 barrels right...
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    Rifle Scopes Need a little NF help

    I'm considering dropping the coin necessary to get a NF (gulp). This is going to go onto a 308 MAK tube gun used for multiple purposes -- primary LR competition (F/TR, etc), secondary coyote blasting up to 400-500 yds. This will be a SFP/MOA scope, not FFP ($, and primary use make me lean this...
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    Redding S bushings: steel vs. titanium?

    Any benefit to the titanium that makes it worth the extra price? Thanks, -Slice
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    Rifle Scopes Falcon 4-14 measurements?

    Have one on order, but a week or two out from delivery. Would somebody who has one mind measuring the outside diameter of the objective for me? Need some data to select the right set of rings, and maybe take a couple of weeks out of critical path to shooting this way... Thanks in advance, -Slice
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    Gunsmithing Jewell bottom safety for a rem700?

    Where can I get one of these? Doesn't appear that Midway or Brownells has them. I need the bottom safety w/o a bolt release to go into a MAK tubegun. Help? Thanks in advance, -Slice
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    LC Match 308 brass?

    I've got a 2000 round case of Match brass (LC 92 Match, I think) that I got from the CMP many yrs ago. It's the stuff w/ the knurled area just above the case head. Virgin brass. Has anyone used this stuff? How good is it, or what are some of the issues? I realize it's not Laupa...
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    SK Jagd ammo from AIM?

    Anybody have any experience with this stuff? Wondering if it's any good -- the price isn't terrible. Link: Thanks, Slice
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    Who's built a tube gun?

    Has anybody here had one built? I'm looking at both the Elisio ( and MAK ( kits based on a rem700 repeater. I'd like to know any first hand experience out there. Are there others? Pro's/Con's of each? Or of the platform in general? I'm not...