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    Muzzle device choices for your rimfire.

    I run the old muzzle brake from my centerfire. Not because it helps, but because it looks ridiculous.
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    MPA PMR Pro Action Break-in

    I also like the Hornady One shot spray for cleaning/lube. Also, I have been using the Swanny's Bolt Action Oil, a little bit on the raceways makes the in/out nice and smooth.
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    MPA PMR Pro Action Break-in

    Shoot it!
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    Off barrel magneto mount

    Just for ease of setup I am planning on going back to direct mount to the barrel/can.
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    Off barrel magneto mount

    I get what you are saying now about the parallel. For what you want to do specifically with the X-bolt, I would just add some threaded holes in the side for a picatinny rail, or you are going to have to look at something custom.
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    Off barrel magneto mount

    What do you mean by parallel to the bore? I have had no issues getting my MK Machining mount "parallel" with the bore by turning the rod the bayonet is mounted to, it might be at 4o'clock, but it runs in line with the bore.
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    Hearing protection

    I use custom molded ear plugs from a local hearing center and some MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X with gel pads.
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    Ruger Precision Rifle Discussion

    I would go with either the 0 moa or at most the 10 moa.
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    Suppressors Form 4 wait time

    Deadair Sandman K Traditional Trust Cashed 9/30/2020 Approved 2/26/2021 Picked Up 3/20/2021
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    Recommend Me a Drop In Rem. 700 Trigger.

    Huber Concepts
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    Eberlestock Hi Speed II

    A lot of guys I shoot with use the Highspeed II, and they all really seem to like it. I have been contemplating the purchase for a while now as I would like to place my heavier items such has bags and ammo in the lower section, while leaving space in the top for lighter items.
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    J Allen Chassis and magazine play

    I know it's an issue with my aics mags (magpul and mdt). Also I do not have a J Allen, I have a Grayboe. When I was looking at the problem last night I noticed that the catch on the mag eventually stops the magazine from traveling upwards. Masterpiece Arms actually came up with a little...
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    J Allen Chassis and magazine play

    I'm running aics (magpul & MDT) in a Tuebor action. Tuebor says the action is not cut for AW, but the aics mags travel high enough to bind the bolt when there is pressure on the mag.
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    J Allen Chassis and magazine play

    I just stumbled upon this thread as I am having similar issues. As I am reading through this I was getting excited that maybe I was getting somewhere, but then it just went cold.
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    I use the Duluth pants and the neoprene pads. The fabric is stretchy enough that it hasn't hindered me yet. The pants are warm, but...
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    Ruger Precision Rifle Discussion

    I generally start at mag length, and then work my way in from there testing my seating depth. Depending on the bullets I have gotten plenty of precision anywhere from .080" to .140" off the lands.
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    GA Precision PPR vs Accuracy International AT-X

    I have neither an AI or a GAP, so I cannot say much. But how often does the OP (or anyone in this position) change gear? If you are the type of person that is always changing your stock/chassis or trigger, you might be better served by the aftermarket support the GAP can take advantage of...
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    Bolt Action Rifle Silencer: QD vs Direct Thread

    If I remember correctly, when you buy a Thunder Beast Ultra that is direct thread, it just removed the taper/muzzle brake from on the rifle to in the can. So there is no real difference to the system, its just whether the taper/muzzle brake is attached to the rifle, or stuck in the can. Per...
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    emp proof sighting solution

    I get that they are based on 50cm and various distances, but I was confused on what that had to do with the OP
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    emp proof sighting solution

    I have run this reticle for just over 2 years, and I have no idea what they are for.