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    “Precision” AR accuracy expectations?

    I know there are a lot of influencing factors, shooter skills, barrel quality, ammo quality, etc....but, if one were to build a very high quality AR, maybe 6.5CM or .308 as example, and using high quality ammo, what is a realistic expectation for accuracy. Is sub MOA possible or difficult to...
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    Firearms WTB Rem 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD .308 w/16.5” barrel

    In search or email
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    Quest for the best neck tension and concentricity.....input please

    So you dont’ worry about the fit between the turning mandrel and case neck ID?
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    Quest for the best neck tension and concentricity.....input please

    First let me say I am pretty new to reloading so give me a bit of a pass if I mess this up! Second, in the name of searching for the most accurate rounds possible, and a willingness to buy whatever equipment and take the extra time needed, humor me for a minute! Thinkin through how to achieve...
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    Rifle Scopes Thoughts on NF SHV vs Leupold VX5HD

    Both have side focus. Leupold is 3-15x44 NF is 2-10x42 Both are right at 20oz (this is for a “lightweight” mountain “elk” hunting rifle, so weight is key!) Leupold has zero locking elevation turret, NF is capped Both are right around 900.00 Leupold wins on paper in almost every category, so why...
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    CZ-USA CZ455 Varmint Precision Trainer Bolt 22LR 20.5" Barrel

    Thinking about purchasing this gun. I have a .300WM and a .308, both with Manners EH1 stocks and Timney triggers. I thought with the butt end of the Manners T4 stock on this little .22 basicallly being the same as my other two EH1s, and with the ability to purchase a Timney trigger set at the...
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    Best 18-20” barrel S/A caliber?

    if you were going to build a short barrel short action rifle to punch paper inside of 1k, what would it be?
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    Leica with ballistics in it?

    When you turn it off, it will no longer spit out anything other than line of sight yardage.
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    Leica geovid 2200 hdb's/130 prime 6.5/jp lrp

    Not good, but I am now being led to believe mine have an issue....waiting for Leica to get back to me.
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    Manners EH1 with Bartlein Barrel Pic

    Anyone have an EH1 stock with a Bartlein #2 contour barrel? I would love a pic of the barrel out near the end of the stock to see how odd it looks with such a “fat” stock and skinny barrel contour.
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    .308 ELD Match 168gr vs Sierra Matchking 168gr data help

    It appears that Varget is the go to powder for .308 with 175-178gr bullets, yes?
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    .308 ELD Match 168gr vs Sierra Matchking 168gr data help

    What makes the 178gr better for long rang? I would think getting a little smaller would get a little more velocity which would be better for long distance....what am I misssing?
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    .308 ELD Match 168gr vs Sierra Matchking 168gr data help

    Thanks, mine loves the 168 SMKs, never tried the 175s, but wanted to stay smaller to get a bit more velocity.....and the ELDMs have a bit nicer BC so I thought I would give them a shot.
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    .308 ELD Match 168gr vs Sierra Matchking 168gr data help

    I am relatively new to loading, I have a .308 and to get started and to be easy, I duplicated the 168gr federal gold medal match ammo with the 168gr Sierra MK bullets, which is 42.8gr of IMR 4064. Not the best bullet, probably could push it harder, maybe a better powder, but it shoots very...
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    Rangefinding Binos help

    I own the Leica RFB HDBs...and my BIL owns the ELs.....i am very pissed with my Leicas. A) the tripod adaptor option is JUNK.....the lack of threaded hole and thus the need to set them on a plastic table top tripod adaptor is juvenile. But, more importantly, and i cannot get Leica to respond...
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    Leica geovid 2200 hdb's/130 prime 6.5/jp lrp

    Good luck when you want to know an angle corrected distance with them............
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    Leica with ballistics in it?

    I am pretty pissed off with mine right now! While on a hunting trip in CO recently, my BIL and I started ranging things and comparing his Swaro EL RFB to my Leica’s. The angled corrected readings were WAY off. After playing with it, I realized that by cycling through the different preset...