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    Tikka Tac A1 accuracy question

    So since I have got the gun I have been playing with the load. It's a 260 rem and I was new to the cartridge so I had alot to learn. The last few times out I had the 147s doing under .5 and the 153 a tips from.375 down to .262. I changed the trigger to a single stage and cleaned the barrel. Then...
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    Muzzle brake killing groups

    So last time at the range I took 2 new muzzle breaks to try. I tried the little bastard gen 3 and the area 419 hellfire. I tried to shoot a group with the LB and it was horrible. Last time with this load it was doing .25 to .5. It was around 1.5. I'm not going to freak out yet and I'm hoping I...
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    Your 2 favorite bags for PRS

    I am going to be shooting my first PRS style match next month. I have never done any positional shooting and need to get a couple bags to practice. If you had to pick 2 bags only what would they be? I have your regular rear bags in a few different sizes but I need the support bags. From my...