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  1. CD0311

    Genesis Ballistics Solutions

    Howdy, Any update?
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    Accessories WTT FN 13” wedge lock rail.

    I have a FN Tac2 with a 13” wedge lock rail. Would like to trade for a 15” wedge lock rail. Thanks
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    AI AXMC what unusual callibers do you have?

    308 Win... not unusual? Try finding ammo!!
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    Ashbury Precision Ordnance Sniper's Hide Edition Rifle

    Stupid question.... Is the Hide version going to stay with Remington? Since it got sold or what ever happened to them (not following to closely)
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    Ashbury Precision Ordnance Sniper's Hide Edition Rifle

    You should be able to get .75 or better without the accuracy package. I have the standard m700 (non-hide version) and it will do .75
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    “Precision” AR accuracy expectations?

    I member the 5round groups and all the panties in a bunch.. “Old frank” is back bitches! 🤘🏼
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    Another tripod option

    I was shopping for a tripod as well ended up finding a killer deal on a Miller 75. Made in Australia.
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    “Precision” AR accuracy expectations?

    I think the OP has been answered several times. Yes, you can expect .5 - 1moa or better from a quality gas gun. If if doesn’t have 1 or 2 guys that can shoot a gas gun try it. Most of the time it’s the shooter.
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    “Precision” AR accuracy expectations?

    Training? Sounds like you want it? If you want it get it. But if the gun is built right you don’t need it. If it’s one built right it won’t fix it...I’m not a gunsmith or armorer just my humble opinion. I have shot some of the hydraulic buffers and couldn’t tell a difference, in small frame ARs...
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    “Precision” AR accuracy expectations?

    LL, is the bipod “backwards” in the video? Mantis x does pretty much the same and cheeper. No experience with the FN product but the X is pretty good.
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    Genesis Ballistics Solutions

    Tag to follow. Est release date?
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    New To Semi-Autos

    Have you herd of School of the American Rifle? if you havnt you’re going to thank me later...and hate’ll see what I mean.. lol
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    New To Semi-Autos

    Do they specialize in AR’s? Or are they a general smith? Even some so called specialty smiths are a no-go Not to be a dick but, most of the time build a budget gun, get budget results. look up: School of the American rifle (YouTube) Ar build junkie (hodge defense interviews, SOLGW, BCM...
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    New To Semi-Autos

    Did you build it?
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    New To Semi-Autos

    I have a FN Tac2 with a gov profile chrome lined barrel that will shoot just under 1” with quality ammo. I’m not familiar with GM but I would say it should be more accurate than that. I’ve also had a BCM that would shoot just about anything around 1 moa. My wife’s first time out at 500meters /...
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    AI AX vs Barrett MRAD: Which is better and why?

    So which one did you get?
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    Hoplite Arms

    Precision Rifle Media: podcast 164
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    Accessories Tenebraex 50LC Leupold kill flash sun shade

    $80 obo shipped. Like new. Pics are front and back.
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    Mack Bro’s SS Evo

  20. CD0311

    36 yard zero

    That’s why I said. A lot NSF’s don’t shoot the 300.