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    Anyone need a 7ss barrel

    Anyone interested in purchasing a 7mm sherman short barrel anytime soon? I asked a Smith about one but he would need to rent the reamer from Rich. If I had at least 3 others wanting one then he would do them all at one time and pickup the rental fee. So just checking
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    WTB 7ss dies and brass

    Anyone have any 7mm sherman short dies or 7ss adg brass they want to sell? Also a box of 7mm 180 hybrids.
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    Reloading Equipment Wtb: 178 amax

    Anybody have any 178 amax bullets stashed away that they want to sell?
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    WTT: 6.5 hellfire brake for .30 cal

    I have a used area 419 hellfire brake for 6.5 creedmoor in black nitride and would like to trade for a .30 cal version in black.
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    Wtb: area 419 hellfire

    Needing an area 419 hellfire brake for 6.5 and 5/8×24 adapter. Also wanting an extra 5/8×24 hellfire adapter and thread protector. Just checking here before I place an order. Thanks.
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    Wtb: elr rear bag

    Anyone have a used precision underground elr rear bag they want to sell?
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    Wtb: ar10 xshims

    Anyone have any ar10 xshims they dont want. Just trying to tighten up my ar10 and wanted these but the guy removed them from his website.
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    JackShiloh is GTG

    JackShiloh is gtg. Good communication. Item arrived quickly and as described.
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    Wtb: cronus btr 4.5-29

    Just seeing if anyone had a good deal on a gently used athlon cronus btr 4.5-29 mil.
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    SmimL7 is GTG

    SmimL7 is gtg. great communication and fast shipping.
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    .300 win mag case capacity

    anyone know the case capacity difference between .300 win mag hornady and nosler brass? been using hornady brass and wanting to know how to adjust my load weight for the nosler brass. just from doing some online searching looks like nosler would have about 1.6gr less H2O capacity and should...