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    WTB: MPA monopod

    Let me know what you have. Thanks for looking!
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    opinions please

    custom rifle won't shoot cold. Let me start by explaining I just had a rifle rebarreled Bat action custom barrel rifle shot very well in previous barrel 6.5x284 (just burned out) rechambered in 284 now it won't shoot unless you have 7 to 8 rounds fired then it starts to shoot excellent goes from...
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    Bumping the shoulder on 284win

    A friend and I had two barrels chambered in 284 win with no turn necks, mine on a Bat his on a trued Rem action. Both barrels (Brux) chambered with the same reamer, fired brass measures almost identical in both guns with the exception of the shoulder mine is .002 smaller on a fired case. The...
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    Gunsmithing I @$#*&ed UP!

    I shot a hot load out of my bolt action mag rifle and can't get the bolt open! What can I do? And what do I do if I knock the bolt handle off trying to get it open? Thanks Idiot joe
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    Rifle Scopes picatinny rail

    Anyone know where to get a picatinny rail with 20moa taper for a Borden Timberline magnum action? Thanks Joe
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    Gunsmithing Remington ISS Bolt ( J-lock)

    What firing pin assembly to replace a Rem model seven J-Lock? Will a 700 S.A. fit the model seven? Thanks