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  1. BullGator1

    Accessories SOLD: Badger Ordnance Remington Action V-Block. New

    Brand new, never used Badger Remington Action V-block. $195 Shipped, CONUS.
  2. BullGator1

    Accessories WTS: Old School Remington 700 Triggers Possibly M40/M40A1

    I have two old school Remington 700 triggers. One has been notched perhaps to fit a M40A1 build. (A) Nice wide trigger shoes. Asking $100 for (A) and $110 for (B). Shipped CONUS.
  3. BullGator1

    Accessories *SOLD* Nightforce Ultra-Lite 30mm Extreme Duty 1.265" Scope Rings

    Brand New In Packaging. $150 $135 Shipped.
  4. BullGator1

    SOLD: WTS- HK 416/MR556 Buffer Tube

    Brand New. Has a few small storage marks. lists for $199.95, Asking $155 Shipped.
  5. BullGator1

    SOLD- Remington 700P .308 26" Heavy Barrel

    Remington 700P in 308 with 26" Heavy Barrel. Action and barrel have been Cerakoted by previous owner. There is some wear on the top of the barrel near the muzzle but does not affect function. Precision Reflex Pic Rail, Timney 510 Trigger. Standard HS Precision Police stock, aluminum bedding...
  6. BullGator1

    *SOLD*-M40A1 Style McMillan HTG Dark Woodland Stock (Rem 700 SA)

    M40A1 Style McMillan HTG Dark Woodland Stock (Rem 700 SA). Remington Heavy Varmint Contour barrel channel, BDL Hinged floorplate bottom, two sling studs, brown Pachmayr butt pad, 700 SA inletted. Recoil lug channel is .275". Never been bedded. Dark woodland molded in pattern. Outside of the...
  7. BullGator1

    SOLD: USMC M40A5 Spec Build Parts *Price Drop and Broken out to sell as individual parts*

    Going in a different direction on builds. These are all NEW, all SPEC parts for your M40A5 build. Shipping included. McMillan A4 USMC stock Badger M5 Inlet - $SOLD PGW M40A5 UNS Night Vision Rail $Sold Badger Ordnance M5 DBM - $Sold D.D. Ross .312" USMC Recoil Lug - $ Sold Surefire...