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  1. Mclovinguns

    Ammo (All SPF) 6.5PRC 147 ELD-M case $655

    3 available, the only tough part will be making it to a UPS between 5:30 and 6pm to ship. I would like all 3 to be sold so I only have to make the trip once. Its a 1 hour drive for me. $655 is the shipped price
  2. Mclovinguns

    SOLD (Sold)6.5mm Berger 140 VLD

    1000 of the same lot date shift code. Would like to trade for hunting bullets in 6.5 or $300 shipped per 500
  3. Mclovinguns

    Accessories S7 7-9 With Raptor feet

    I'm kinda giving up on the long range dream. I've used this like twice. $310 delivered
  4. Mclovinguns

    Accessories 6.5 prc blem brass in again
  5. Mclovinguns

    Firearms FS/T Sinn Arms 6.5PRC loaded

    I got this as kind of a combo hunting/long range gun but I've kinda lost interest. It loves factory 147 and hates 143 eld-x for some reason. 147 were sub moa and the 143's were 1.5 inches. Its not even really broken in at 60 rounds fired. I do not have any paperwork on it but it has the Sinn...
  6. Mclovinguns

    Accessories Berger 130 AR Hybrid in stock
  7. Mclovinguns

    Accessories 6.5 130 Sierra Tipped Matchking

    1 box of 100, looking for heavier 6.5 bullets or $50 shipped
  8. Mclovinguns

    Accessories Berger 6.5 130 VLD Target

    Would trade for 140's, 153.5, or 156 EOL. Also could use Hornady 147 ELD. I have 2 boxes, would prefer to trade but would take 140 shipped.
  9. Mclovinguns

    Accessories Berger 6mm 105 VLD Hunting trade for 6.5

    Would trade for Berger 6.5mm 140, 153.5, or 156. Since I have to list a price $200 delivered for 3 packs of 100.
  10. Mclovinguns

    Accessories 4064 at midsouth

    Go now
  11. Mclovinguns

    SOLD 1000 6.5mm 139 Lapua Scenar

    $615 shipped, will get a pic up later.
  12. Mclovinguns

    WTB BCM Gunfighter Mod O black grip

    I just got a the polymer delete kit for my Galil Ace and this seems to be the best fit for my huge hand. They are sold out everywhere in black. Anyone have one they would part with?
  13. Mclovinguns

    SOLD 6.5mm 140 Tipped GameKing

    I have 10 boxes, would like to trade for 147 eld or 156 eol. My PRC isn't close to broken in but it sure seems to prefer heavier bullets. To follow the rules I would sell for 60 a box plus actual shipping.
  14. Mclovinguns

    Accessories Midsouth has 6.5 140 Gamekings

    Just an FYI
  15. Mclovinguns

    WTB WTB AK47 magazines

    Looking for 10 or so Croatian surplus 30rd magazines. Maybe other brands but they either have to be steel or have steel reinforced lips.
  16. Mclovinguns

    Accessories Grafs dropped alot of powder

    Mostly accurate powders
  17. Mclovinguns

    Reloading Equipment Hybrid 100v at reloading unlimited

    8lbers, figured some guys may need some.
  18. Mclovinguns

    Accessories ADG 300 Norma brass

    50 new pieces, only opened to verify all is good inside. $160 if I had to sell but mostly looking to trade for 6.5 bullets preferably 147 ELD, maybe 140.
  19. Mclovinguns

    WTB WTB 6.5 147 ELD-M

    I always miss them when someone posts them due to work. Time to start begging I guess.
  20. Mclovinguns

    Accessories 3 boxes 6.5mm 140 Amax

    160 delivered, priority mail.