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  1. roggom

    Reloading Equipment 6.5 140 ELD-M WTT for 6.5 CM brass

    I have a box of sealed ELD-M, I am a 260 shooter, but picking up a 6.5 CM for the wife. Looking for new 6.5 CM brass and will trade the box of ELD-M Lot 2151810 I also have new RP 260 brass I can trade, or primers if you are in Northern CO. 6.5 CM hunting ammo is cool as well, if you are local...
  2. roggom

    Accessories M-Lok-AFG Magpul AFG $20 shipped

    I have a new in box Mlok AFG black. never used. I purchased a few years ago and it was in my garage. Just found it when cleaning up. Still in box with screws and instructions. $20 shipped lower 48. CONUS only thanks. best way to contact is my email roggom at hotmail dot com
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    Reloading Equipment K&M Precision arbor press

    I have a K&M arbor press with spacer, retail on this is approx $300 Ill take $110 for the press, First in thread "I will take it" gets it, please respond within 24 hours to arrange payment or I will move to next in line. PP or Venmo preferred, but will take old school check and MO. No...
  5. roggom

    Reloading Equipment Found - WTB 150 SST or 150 IB

    Looking to buy some 150 SST or IB. Can trade bullet for bullet 155 Lapua Scenar L same lot, or buy outright. let me know.
  6. roggom

    Any 300BLK 110 GMX loads?

    Looked at published data, but most 110 for 300blk are using varmint bullets. Im trying to replicate the Hornady custom load. They have a 110 GMX going 2285 from the muzzle, seated 2.210. Im using a 16" CMMG Resolute upper, suppressed. Looking to drop some muleys. I already have 30-06, 308...
  7. roggom

    Accessories WTB Tikka T3 factory compact takeoff stock

    Looking for the a T3 or T3x compact stock with the spacers RH. I have my 308 ultra lite with sporter contour bbl. Need a shorter LOP for my wifes first deer hunt this year. Let me know what you have.
  8. roggom

    Maggie’s Water Test kit question

    So the filter LED on my fridge went off, in 6 months on a new fridge. I just reset it as I went 51 years drinking tap and Im still alive. Anyway, got me thinking about actual safe water testing. When I was a yungin on the USS Independence, one of my duties on watch was to walk around the...
  9. roggom

    WTB 6.5 Grendel dies, brass, case guage

    Getting into some 6.5 Grendel type II reloading, looking for dies, case guage, brass (once fired ok) bullet odds and ends. let me know what you have. Reasonable offers or trades ( i have some 260 brass and 139 lapua bullets, new) Thanks
  10. roggom

    PR Senich One Round War book USMC Scout Snipers in Vietnam

    Great book, especially if you are building a repro or dedication rifle. Excellent condition, just some bent corners because I moved. Shipped free media mail US. can email me as well $40 PP F&F or check is cool.
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    Atlas BT10 V8 $150 firm - sold

    I have a used Atlas BT10v8. It’s legit , used but great. Condition. Should go quick. I will ship small flat rate USPS free to lower 48. $150 firm PP gift or regular plus 3 percent. First “I will take it” gets it. No trades you can also email me
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    WTB Leupold Hornady 308 165 Superformance Promo elevation knob

    A couple years ago, Hornady and Luepold had a promo for their CDS scopes that came with a box of superformance and a custom knob that matched the ammo. I have the 30-06 knob for 165 superformance but looking for the 308 with 165 superformance knob. This will be the smaller elevation knob for...
  17. roggom

    Lapua 260 Rem 4PH6050 sealed box 100pc $80 shipped SPF

    I have a sealed box of Lapua 260 rem Lot P00918901 / 0961416 for sale. I can ship for free in the bubble bag that midway sent it in. If you want it shipped in a cardboard box, add $10. $80 shipped CONUS. First in thread "I will take it" gets it. PP preferred but MO is ok. You can also get...
  18. roggom

    Hunting & Fishing Free Veterans Colorado state park access Aug

    Just a reminder that all 41 Colorado State parks are free access in Aug to Veterans. All you need is a ID card Dd214 or endorsed license and you get a hanging pass that you can put in any car. Not 100% sure about residency requirements but picked mine up today.
  19. roggom

    question for the cyclists

    So after 20+ years I am getting back into cycling. I used to mountain bike all over Colorado and Japan. I will be 50 this year and I vowed to be in shape by that date in Aug. I was 220 and now down to 195 with a goal of 185 with a reasonable BMI. So to the question. I count my calories and know...
  20. roggom

    TaNi 625 Brake from Italy

    I have my Tikka T3x CTR set up as a hybrid hunter, the 20" barrel is handy and with a can its reasonable. However I wanted a brake that would be effective for steel comps, or field hunting to mitigate muzzle rise. Scoured around and found a video on Youtube of a brake made in Italy, the profile...