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  1. samnev

    Scar17 - Leupold, March, NF, or Zeiss?

    So would I. They are built like a tank and are extremely reliable.
  2. samnev

    Rifle Scopes One or many

    I have quite a few rifles. All of them have their own scope.
  3. samnev

    Biden is coming after pistol braces

    Yes it was announced yesterday that one of his EO's was to outlaw pistol brace and also so called ghost gun among other EO's.
  4. samnev

    AR Lube?

    I've used LSA for many years in both my class iii's and semi's without any problems. When the supply dried up I switched to Break Free CLP. But if I run across LSA at a gun show I'd buy some more.
  5. samnev

    Rifle Scopes Limited Run Elite Tactical HDMR II-CR (Close Range)

    I really don't like the minimum 75 yard parallax setting on the DMR ET ii-i as noted above. I'd like to see it at 25 yard or at least 50 yards. Also a floating cross hair or dot would be a big improvement to the G3 reticle imho.
  6. samnev

    Brass Catcher

    I own the above and it works pretty well but you have to be careful where you place it for each semis you use otherwise you'll be chasing brass. Other down side is hot brass will sometime stick to the thin netting. For 556 that Brass Goat sure looks good. Might get one.
  7. samnev

    Vortex Viper 4-16 vs 5-25

    If those are the only 2 scopes your looking at my choice would be the PST Gen 2. But Midway is having a killer dear on the Bushnell Elite DMR II-i 3.5-21X50 First Focal Plane scope with G3 reticle for $744. I bought the illuminated reticle version for$805. That would be my 1st choice over the PST 2.
  8. samnev

    Spotters Spotting Scope or Binoculars

    I tried using a friends Bushnell Forge 15x binos but with out a mount I'm just to shaky to use them.Having the bins on a mount you loose the portability of the bins alone. So I use the Leupold Gold Ring HD 15-40X spotter on the Leupold mount which is very sturdy and stable..
  9. samnev

    What quick disconnect base or rings for optic?

    I use ADM Recon-S mounts in a number of my AR's and when remounting require very little readjustment to zero again.
  10. samnev

    Seekins or Daniel Defense AR15 help

    I would get the Seekins NX15. Especially the way DD they treated Hoog0494. His post is at the top of the page. But here's a link any way.
  11. samnev

    Oversized 5.56 cases after firing

    I agree with all who said Get Your Money Back. DD can suck lemons imho if that's the way they treat customers now.:mad:
  12. samnev

    Rifle Scopes DMR Optic Suggestion

    I bought the DMR ii-i 3.5-21X50 from Midway with illuminated reticle. $805 shipped. I have 3 of the original DMR's and really like them. I am a NightForce guy but for 1/3rd the price my wife is happy. I haven't mounted the scope yet but it looks like the glass in quite good and I like the new...
  13. samnev

    Buying Accuracy Int. Rifle

    I bought my FDE folding AIAW 10 years ago and never have regretted it. My favorite best shooting rifle. I've often thought about upgrading to an MX but doubt it would shoot any better Than my AW. You'll never regret buying an AT:).
  14. samnev

    308 Winchester AR Only

    When I put a Geissele SSA-E in my OBR it improved groups from just over 1.1 moa to 0.8moa, sometimes closer to 0.6 moa..
  15. samnev

    308 Winchester AR Only

    YesI do. I use 40.5 grains behind 168 gr SMK's In my LaRue OBR 5 shot 100 5rd groups avg 0.8 moa sometimes closer to 0.6 moa.
  16. samnev

    Denny Crane, USMC Sniper

    i'v watched Boston Legal when it first ran. The Denny Crane Chacter is a real hoot. Many similar scenes.Now I'm watching the series again on Amazon Prime.
  17. samnev

    AK going rate these days

    Thanks for the opinion guys.
  18. samnev

    For a 300 Yard Zero How High Shot My Placement Be @ My 100 yard Target

    Thanks for all the great feedback.
  19. samnev

    AK going rate these days

    Have a chance to buy an Arsenal 106FR AK 74 with 3 mags. It's in 556 With a KVAR variable scope. Not sure if it's a ?-8 scope. But high end is 8X. Asking price is $1300. Is that a fair price
  20. samnev

    For a 300 Yard Zero How High Shot My Placement Be @ My 100 yard Target

    Thanks guys. I will zero @ my normal 100 are zero and go from there.