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  1. Kansas_Born

    Accessories WTS: ARC 30 mm high rings

    WTS: ARC 30 mm high rings for $150 shipped.
  2. Kansas_Born

    WTB: Tbac CB 30 cal 5/8 -24 flash hiders

    Looking for 3 30 cal 5/8-24 flash hiders. I have items to trade or cash. Let me know what you have and a price.
  3. Kansas_Born

    All sold

    For sale: Used but not abused Spuhr QDP mounts. I have a 3002 (trade pending) and 3602 (20.6 MOA 30 mm). Both mounts are in excellent condition. Sold Next, BNIB (only taken out for pictures) Luth MBA 3 carbine stock in black. Sold TBAC CB Ultra series 5/8 30 cal brake. Used and in good...
  4. Kansas_Born

    Sold!!! : Bushnell LRHSi 4.5-18x44 mil/mil illuminated

    I bought this scope last year and it has been to the range once. It has been mounted in a one piece spuhr mount (not for sale) since I got it and has spent most of its time in the safe on top of my precision AR15. Comes with original box and everything inside as new. $775 shipped
  5. Kansas_Born

    Trouble Shooting 308 AR headspace

    I built my own 308 AR out of a conglomeration of parts. Let me be the first to say, I know it’s not the same as small frame ARs. I am using a Wilson Arms barrel and a tool craft bcg, JP rail and palmetto upper/lower. I was trying to build it on the cheap and I’m paying for it in down time. My...
  6. Kansas_Born

    Sold: R700 S.A. Bell And Carlson fully adjustable

    I have a bell and Carlson S.A. stock inlet for a Remington 700. It has SMR bottom metal installed. Nothing wrong with this stock other than normal wear. I upgraded to a mega chassis so I no longer need this. Bipod/rifle not included. Lets get this thing sold! $380 shipped.
  7. Kansas_Born

    Dedicated 22LR SBR upper

    I’m converting my AR pistol with a brace to a form 1 sbr. I already have a 556 upper and would like a dedicated 22lr upper. It will be suppressed 100% of the time and was wondering what is your go to barrel/twist rate for short 22’s? Any advise on a 22lr conversion kit? There are a bunch out...
  8. Kansas_Born

    Barreled Action sold

    I have a stock Remington 700 in 308 for sale. Less than 150 rounds fired. 20 in threaded heavy barrel, 20 moa base, Bell and Carlson fully adjustable stock in OD green w SMR bottom metal. Bipod not included in this sale. $750 shipped to your FFL PP F & F. Trades: CZ 16.5” rifle w/threaded...
  9. Kansas_Born

    Barloc and 1 Piece Rails

    I just installed my 20 inch rock barrel that I purchased from patriot valley arms. I decided to use a Barloc and upon installation found that my rail does not fit. Has anyone else run into this? Are there shorter rails or should I just cut down the one I have?
  10. Kansas_Born

    Suppressors Purchased my first suppressor

    I just purchased my first suppressor (tbac 556 takedown) and now I’m trying to get everything together to file my form 4 on a single person trust. I went by my local PD and was informed that they do not stock the ink and paper for prints. The lady behind the desk was less than helpful so I think...
  11. Kansas_Born

    MDT vs XLR Folding mechanism

    I have a MDT Tac21 that I picked up during their Black Friday sale and want to add a folding adaptor to the chassis. Has anyone used the new MDT folder? How does it compare to the XLR folder? Help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Kansas_Born

    Jab00 is GTG

    Joe was a pleasure to do business with. He had great communication from the beginning. Shipping was quick (pictures of the item during packing was a huge plus). The packaging was amazing and the item showed up promptly in great shape. I would buy from him again for sure.
  13. Kansas_Born

    Found one

    Stainless would be best but I’ll take other. Shoot me some offers before I order a new JP.
  14. Kansas_Born

    WTB: Thunderbeast Arms CB Flash Hider

    Edit: Found one, looking for one more tbac cb 5/8-24 flash hiders for the ultra series suppressors. 30 cal preferred but can do one .223 if necessary. PayPal preferred. Let me know what you have!
  15. Kansas_Born

    Kydex holster attachment to a Molle belt

    I have an everlestock V90 that I’m going to be using as a hunting/camping pack. I would like to be able to attach a kydex holster for my Glock 19 onto the Molle webbing for the belt. Has anyone used the safariland Molle adapter for something like this?
  16. Kansas_Born

    Bought Armalite Handgard for DPMS style

    Am I the only one to make this error? This is my first large frame AR and I thought I was getting a deal on an older style JP rail. Come to find out when it arrive that it wouldn’t thread onto my upper. Turns out that’s because it’s not compatible. Hopefully this is my last sad tale and the last...
  17. Kansas_Born

    Suppressors Thunderbeast Arms Ultra 7 or 9

    Or does it really make that big of a difference? This is my first suppressor purchase and I’m trying to get one that can work for most of not all of my rifles. It will be seeing action on a .308 and 7mm rem mag bolt gun as well as Ar-15 pistol and Ar-10. I have been slowly getting brake and...
  18. Kansas_Born

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Walther PPS M2

    I’m looking for a smaller CCW gun to replace my Glock 19. My dad picked up a Walther PPS M2 and I like the feel of it but haven’t shot one yet. Anyone on here own one and would you buy it again?
  19. Kansas_Born

    Poke_53 GTG

    I reached out to poke_53 about a scope that h had for sale. I realized after I message him that it wasn’t what I was looking for. He was cool about it and let me know that he is an Athlon dealer. We discussed what I wanted and he got it for me in a couple of days for an outstanding price...
  20. Kansas_Born

    Headspacing Issue?

    Hey guys, I have a Remington 700 in 7mm mag that I picked up in May. This is my second rifle (first is a Mosin Nagant) and I'm having some problems. My bolt is very difficult to close on rounds. It's so bad that I have to put a fair amount of weight into it just to get it closed up to shoot. I...