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    Deal on a Vudoo

    FS Vudoo GunWorks Crow-Outlander Stock KUIU Verde- Updated - Forums not mine but looks like a good deal
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    Optics Anyone have a March 10x60 or 5x50 FS or trade

    If you have one im looking for one
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    Good shooting has CenterX

    They just got it in
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    If you want a RimX call Keystone

    I called Primal they will not slug a barrel to find the best crown. I talk to them on the phone. They told me they do Benchmark barrels . It 1150 for the action, 1 grand plus for a barrel to fit it. Without sluging the barrel to fit. Orkan At TS customs seems to bee there spokes person. I...
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    Maggie’s What happen to the Karen thread

    it was fun
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    Accessories WTT fired Lapua brass

    I have a bunch of 1x fired Lapua brass I want to trade for toiet paper,
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    Zemmit arms and big horn

    Anyone have one yet. If so how does it shoot. Is it better than Vudoo
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    Lot testing

    I have seen a lot of shooters talking about ammo that shoots good. Then cry when they get a new order in and it wont shoot like the ammo they have last order. Am I the only person that wont buy ammo without lot testing it
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    Rimfire central - Thread Locked - DO NOT Start Another One

    What has happen there.,They are banning people there and deleating post LEFT and right. It use to be a place to talk 22s. Now you can only talk about 22s they like, Like Anschutz. And if you talk bad about Anschutz your gone
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    Mile high Vudoos

    I can not thank the guys at Mile High enough. I had a friend that wanted a Vudoo but didn't know where or what to get. I called the guys told them what he wanted. He then called them to pay and arrange shipping. 1st class operation they have there
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    Any final word. On what happen to JAE

    their sudden closing has several of us wondering why.
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    Just in Jammer 6 is changing to jamm me with 10

    Looks like jammer really likes it jammed he is going bigger
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    Come you RPR fan boys

    Lets see your RPR that will shoot ,5 MOA all day at 50 yds, And 3/4 att 100. I bet Maser can do it
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    Jae stocks Shut down

    I just read that they close the doors. No longer in business
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    WTB JAE SA 700

    Looking for a used stock before I order a new one. A new one rigged like I want is 1250. If you have one you don't use PM me. Its for a new Vudoo
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    Bix - Andy trigger on a Vudoo

    Anyone used one and how is it. On a V22
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    Vudoo on the way

    I have a Vudoo on the way here. It comes with an 18 inch barrel. I have no use for the barrel. What is a fair price for the barrel
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    USMC 40x

    Anyone one on here wanting one. I have one that is a 98 to 99 % . I don't know the demand for USMC 40x guns
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    40x delema

    I am a 40xb junkie I have a lot of them 22 right now. I have the urge for a custom 40xb. But I cant bring myself to strip and rebuild a perfectly good 40xb. So I have thought about trading a complete rifle for a 40xb action. am I crazy and do you have a 40xb action laying around
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    Maggie’s Jump on this HURRY though