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    Accessories WTB ambi safety / short throw lever kit for AR-15

    Seekins, Radian, Ranier, Battle Arms.... you get the picture. Just looking to try one out. Needs to have short lever on the off side. Send me a pic and a price. Thanks.
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    Accessories WTS/WTT Microtech Ultratech D/E stonewash standard

    Microtech Ultratech D/E stonewash standard #122-10 Brand new, still in box, never been carried, never used to cut a thing, never registered the warranty. I won it recently, and honestly have no need for such a tool. Would like to sell it and/or trade it to acquire something I would more readily...
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    Reloading Equipment WTB/WTTF: Sinclair (or compatible) 308 mandrel

    Would like to get an expander mandrel for the 308 as I have a whole bunch to prep soon. Prefer a neck expander mandrel, but we can talk about others. I could buy yours, or trade a turning mandrels from another caliber; 6mm, 6.5mm, 223 (I think its actually .222 diameter)... you get the idea.
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    Reloading Equipment WTB some Dillon items

    I'm in need of a Super Swage 600 (or another way to swage some primer pockets if you have any good methods). Would entertain purchase of a casefeeder assembly (650 or 750). Might be interested in an XL750 if anyone has one they're not using (LOOOONG shot). Buy hey, we can't buy primers or...
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    Reloading Equipment WTB: Dillon Casefeeder

    Looking for a casefeeder and plates for my XL650. Let me know what you have and a price, please via PM. Thanks.
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    Reloading Equipment WTB/WTTF RCBS universal priming tool or FA priming tool

    PM me what you have and what you would like to have for it. Thanks.
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    Sig Kilo 3000BDX TimeOut / pairing

    Need some help... when I have the Kilo 3000 paired with the Sig BDX app, I can put the Timeout function (in ABU mode) to timeout at 120 or 180 seconds and the display stays on accordingly. When I turn off the phone, the kilo doesn't hold that setting and defaults to a very short timeout on the...
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    Accessories SOLD. Accurate 223 mag - Like new

    Used once, but really not long enough for my rounds. Don't want to modify. Take $old shipped to you. Please post an I'll take it and send me a PM.
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    Optics Bushnell Nitro 3-12 Deploy Mil Reticle

    Brand New in Box. Opened up for pictures. Never mounted, never out of the house. Great Scope, just my failing eyes need more powers. Take $325 shipped, or trade towards a 3-15 Viper Gen 2 or one of the nitros with a larger top end. Post an I'll take it an shoot me a PM.
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    Accessories SPF.. Sig Kilo 2200BDX Range Finder - price dropped

    Brand New in Box. Opened up for pictures. Never installed a battery, never out of the house. Take SPF shipped to you. Please post an I'll Take It and send me a PM.
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    Reloading Equipment WTB/WTT for Lapua 223 brass

    New or once fired. Let me know what you have please before I go looking for new. Thanks.
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    Accessories SOLD Area 419 ArcaLock clamp

    Have an Area 419 ArcaLock clamp that is in very good shaped. Got it last fall. Went with a different clamp because I have added a rail to a couple rifles sans the ArcaLock feature. Painted the gold knob to black, some of which wears off. I can freshen it with a new coat before shipping if you...
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    Accessories WTT Area 419 ArcaLock clamp sale or trade for your BTC-pro

    I've got an extra ArcaLock clamp from Area419. Works great on every spec rail I've tried. I have one rail that is just slightly narrower than spec... the BTC will lock onto it, but the Area 419 won't close far enough. Just a few thousands too narrow for solid lock up. Would like to trade...
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    Accessories SPF Area 419 ArcaLock clamp and Barricade Stop and Fixed Barricade Block

    Hey guys: Have an Area 419 ArcaLock clamp and Barricade Stop and Fixed Barricade Block. Only the clamp has been used, the other two are just like new. Would take $PF for the set, shipped. Please post up an "I'll Take It" here and send me a PM. Will take PP f/f (or you cover fees), PMO, cash...
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    BTC-pro or Area 419 clamp

    Guys, I have an Area 419 clamp that I'm using on a standard ARCA rail.... meaning that it is non-ArcaLock. The rail is narrow by a few thousandths of an inch, just enough so that the 419 clamp won't lock on it. It locks onto my standard size rails just fine (McRee chassis, ACC chassis, Area...
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    Reloading Equipment Quarantine Reading Material

    Hey Guys: I have about 25 or so Shooting Times magazines from the past 6-8 years. Its not a complete set; I've kept a few issues that have an article or so of special interest to me. Don't want to just throw them out or on the burn pile. There is a vast array of info here, especially in the...
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    Accessories TRADED ADM QD Pic Rail attachment for a BTC-pro

    Have an ADM Quick Detach bipod attachment for pic rail that I'm not using. Would like to sell for $65 shipped OBO, or trade for an RRS BTC-pro to use with my ARCA rail. It is in very good shape; used for just a bit and then switch rail types. Let me know what you have. Please post an "I'll...
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    Accessories FS/T (PRICE DROPS) AR-15 Grips and Handguards

    Please post an "I'll take it here" and send a PM. Will take PP f/f or fees included, PMO, personal check, etc. Other shooting accessories are available, and I'll be listing more soon. All grips are new, take-off of other builds or from the box / mounted / removed and never used. I only have a...
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    Optics SOLD - Vortex OPTICS - Viper scope and CF Binoculars

    Vortex Viper 3-9 with Dead-Hold BDC reticle. Includes cover and original box. Scope is in perfect condition and lenses are spotless. See Pix. $OLD OBO Vortex Crossfire 10x42 Binoculars with case, lanyard, cleaning cloth, etc. Spotless, lenses are perfect. please see pix. $OLD Take them...
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    Accessories SPF - AICS pattern 223 Mags

    Have a few 223 mags that I'm not going to be using. (2) MDT polymer magazines. Great condition - run perfectly, I've just got several and these aren't needed. How about $40 each shipped. Sold pending funds. (1) Accurate metal magazine. Great condition - runs perfect, just too short for my...