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  1. lone_soldier

    Night Vision Flying with night Vision

    Me and the old man are heading to Texas this week for some pig eradication. I had planned on carrying my NODs on with me. And checking lasers with rifles obviously. Any issues? Any experience
  2. lone_soldier

    SOLD 3 boxes 156 EOL. All same lot.

    Have three boxes of 6.5 156 Berger EOLs Same lot. don’t wanna split. 190 plus shipping. That’s what I paid for them
  3. lone_soldier

    Accessories 223 AI mags and accurate 300 wm

    Have 2 AI 223 mags. These are brand new. SPF 300 WM 3.775 length mag. had it milled t accept longer cases. (7mm STW) Will still feed as it should. 75 shipped.
  4. lone_soldier

    SOLD Mack bros muzzle brake.

    Mack bros muzzle brake. Apparently older type as pointed out by another member below. 5/8x24 SPF
  5. lone_soldier

    Reloading Equipment Hornady bullet puller

    Brand new never used. No collets 40 shipped
  6. lone_soldier

    SOLD Ops core helmet price dropped till sold.

    Large/xl ops core high cut ballistic helmet. used but in good shape. It’s missing one of the flat type washers for the suspension system. Will have replacement set sent to buyer as well...
  7. lone_soldier

    SOLD *found* Surefire socom muzzle Device

    Looking to get another flash or comp. doesn’t matter. 5/8x24. must be socom compatible. Thanks, josh.
  8. lone_soldier

    Accessories WTb origin standard bolt face.

    Trying to get a standard bolt face for my origin ordered one 3 weeks ago from brownells paid extra to get it here. Has been sitting in Memphis TN since the 12 Would purchase. Or send you the new one when it arrives. If someone had one they aren’t currently using but want to retain for the...
  9. lone_soldier

    SOLD 6.5 PRC origin prefit

    Have a 22” 1-7.5 twist. Preferred barrel blank sendero/rem varmint contour stainless bead blasted. Threaded 5/8-24 Hammers with 147 ELDM and 143 ELDx factory ammo. Less than 100 rounds down the pipe. Closer to 50-60 only reason I’m selling is I have another 6.5 PRC and this action stock...
  10. lone_soldier

    WTB Origin standard bolt face.

    Looking for a standard bolt face for origin If anyone has one laying around
  11. lone_soldier

    Reloading Equipment New Hornady 6.5 PRC brass.

    Have 100 new Hornady 6.5 PRC brass. 2/50 pc bags. would like to trade for 6mm projectiles 105/109 Berger’s. Possibly other brands would like 80 dollar trade value (2boxes of bullets) per 50 PCs will sell for 210 shipped. Lower 48 Price reflects preference to trade but I know guys don’t...
  12. lone_soldier

    SOLD Who was making the origin handle extensions

    Anybody remember who was making the bold knoextensions for the origins? thanks josh
  13. lone_soldier

    SOLD First spear. **price drop

    first spear wind cheater. Large. *100 shipped.
  14. lone_soldier

    Reloading Equipment Dies ** (wilson 260,6.5 PRC, creed, 7mm). Projectiles

    Added**. 260 Rem Wilson micrometer arbor seater die. With fired neck turned brass 110 shipped. Pics below. Hornady 6.5 PRC dies. SOLD Hornady 6.5 creed dies. No decapping rod. SOLD Lee 7mm rem mag dies. 45 shipped discreet ballistics. 188 grain 300 blk out subs. SOLD Warne 1 piece 34mm...
  15. lone_soldier

    Accessories Bench clean out

    Leupold CQT. OG scope. Been over the pond a time or two. Don’t use it. It’s been through some fights. Missing battery cap and has a few scratches on the lenses. Still works as it should. SPF Rem 700 SA bottom metal. SOLD. OG Safariland g19/g23 with light holster. No mount. Had it on a QLS...
  16. lone_soldier

    SOLD Manners T5A mini chassis **price drop

    Had this stick laying around tempting me to build another rifle figured someone could use it. Manners T5A. Rem 700 SA. With mini chassis. Also has adjustable butt plate system for height and length. M40/m24 channel. Flush cups. Stock is sage green. I krylond it in a GAP type pattern. Bipod...
  17. lone_soldier

    Accessories Geissele and DD rails and barrel.

    Cleaning out some drawers. I have a brand new in box GeisseleMk 8 13” rail. Sold Take off. DDM4 15” slim rail keymod. Dark brown. With barrel nut. Sold Unknown 16” 1-8 twist barrel. No idea where it came from. Sold. Trade for 6mm, 6.5 pills Other offers welcome
  18. lone_soldier

    Reloading Equipment WTT 338 Berger’s for 6.5

    I have a box of 100 and prolly a box of 95 300 grain Hybid OTMs. I’d like to trade for 6.5. 130s or 140s Heavy 22 cal. 73+. 22-250 brass Other trades welcome. These are 98 bucks a box. So I’d like to get 3 boxes of 6.5 for them. To keep the money close. I mostly shoot the 285s and...
  19. lone_soldier

    Accessories WTB. Atlas PSR

    Looking for an atlas bipod prefer PSR with QD picatinny. Please PM me.
  20. lone_soldier

    Accessories Origin 6.5 PRC barrel.SOLD

    Green Mountain by keystone. 24" Long Stainless Steel Krieger #5 Contour Threaded for Bighorn Origin 5/8-24" Muzzle Threads 6.5 PRC 1:8 Twist Less than 100 rounds. Factory 143x 350 obo shipped. Only reason selling is due to the proof prefit I ordered in May finally showing up. It was a...