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  1. The Animal

    Gunsmithing Savage Barrel Dimensions 12 BVSS

    I need to order a barrel for a friend of mine to rebarrel his Savage 12 BVSS. Does anyone have the specs on what I need to order? He want's it to be the same contour. Finish for 26. For instance, shank = 1.2 for 3 inches straight taper to .875 @ 26. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. The Animal

    Hunting & Fishing Large Brown Bear taken with Vortex Optics

    A pic of a large brown bear I harvested this month in Alaska using my self built bartlein barreled 338 Norma Mag topped with a 5-20x50 Vortex Razor HD.
  3. The Animal

    Vintage Vithavuori Powder 3NSM - Need help

    I found a few sealed pounds of some obsolete Vithavuori powder - "3NSM" I took a look at some old Vithavuori and various reloading manuals but could not find any reloading data. From what I could find on the net, this stuff is medium burn rate shotgun powder that is simular to N330, Greendot...