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  1. samuraiwarrior23

    Pre-fit barrel

    Curtis Helix.I did check headspace it was good.was wondering if chambering rounds are gonna get hung up,its a far jump to the barrel.
  2. samuraiwarrior23

    Action receiver/barrel thread length

    Guys,is this why inside my action has a several exposed threads ?
  3. samuraiwarrior23

    Pre-fit barrel

    Is this normal to have exposed threads inside the action in the photo? the barrel is seated all the way into the action.
  4. samuraiwarrior23

    Rimfire Benjamin Maurader .25 cal pcp airgun

    These guns are accurate and lethal.I have the 22 and 25 cal .
  5. samuraiwarrior23

    Reloading Equipment Hornady 300 Blackout, Lee 6.5 creedmoor, Lee ACC 300 blackout dies

    ill take the Hornady 300 blackout dies if still available
  6. samuraiwarrior23

    Accessories 224 Valkyrie ammo FS

    Sold pending funds to Bowhntr4life
  7. samuraiwarrior23

    Accessories 224 Valkyrie ammo FS

    Federal American eagle 224 Valkyrie 75gr TMJ ammo for sale I have 41-20rd boxes =820rds $820 shipped for all of it.
  8. samuraiwarrior23

    Straight Jacket Armory

    Still down
  9. samuraiwarrior23

    Impact 737 pre-fit issues

    These are Clymer gauges
  10. samuraiwarrior23

    Impact 737 pre-fit issues

    Thanks guys I’ll order a field gauge and also give the scotch tape a try
  11. samuraiwarrior23

    Impact 737 pre-fit issues

    I finally got a benchmark 308 barrel on my Impact 737 action at 75 ft lbs.I checked it with Clymers Go and No go gauges.the problem is the bolt closes with very little if any resistance on the No- Go gauge.Is this normal?Can the rifle be fired?should I send the barrel back?
  12. samuraiwarrior23

    Reloading Equipment Varget in stock

    Varget in stock at powder valley...
  13. samuraiwarrior23

    Straight Jacket Armory

    Going on 5 months for a barrel.I understand that these barrels are back ordered but they really should update that on their site. refund=50%restocking fee!
  14. samuraiwarrior23

    Ordered a prefit in July...still not done....reasonable??

    i have 2-prefit Bartlein barrels on order since July.Still waiting.......