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  1. RoterJager

    SOLD WTS: MDT ACC for R700

    Previous buyer backed out so this is back up. I have an MDT ACC in flat dark earth that is inletted for an R700. Comes with their premier adjustable grip (not pictured). The chassis has not seen the range but may show signs of light use. Asking $975 shipped, no trades please.
  2. RoterJager

    SOLD WTS: XLR Envy PRO $650

    Looking to sell my XLR Envy Pro Chassis. It is for a short action 700. Bag rider is included but I do not have any of the other accessories. Shows some signs of use. $650 shipped. No trades please.
  3. RoterJager

    Accessories WTT: MDT 12rd m308 mag for ARC mag

    Just like the title says. I have 1 MDT with the binder plate and one without it.
  4. RoterJager

    SOLD WTS: Railchanger X kit $235

    Looking to sell my rail changer X kit. Included are: Rail changer X Area 419 branded Schmedium (heavy fill) Cole Tac D-bag (git lite) $235 shipped for everything pictured.
  5. RoterJager

    SOLD WTS: MDT SRS ACC Buttstock

    I have a gray, take off MDT SRS stock that came off my ACC. It is the non-folding version, standard length. It will come with a Hoplite Arms pad. $175 shipped.
  6. RoterJager

    SOLD WTS: Foundation Centurion w/bottom metal and Arca

    Looking to sell my Centurion, in Dark Distressed. It is inletted for an Impact 737r. Included are an Impact branded bottom metal and the full length Arca rail. I hate to let this go because I love the look and feel of it but I'm just more stable behind my ACC chassis. Price is $1275...
  7. RoterJager

    Reloading Equipment Withdrawn

  8. RoterJager

    SOLD WTS: Trigger Tech Single Stage Diamond Pro Curved $235 shipped

    As the title states I'm lookin to sell my TT Diamond single stage. It has the Pro Curved trigger shoe. Only selling it because I went to two stage diamonds. Worked great on my Impact 737r with a -0- hangar. $235 shipped. No trades please.
  9. RoterJager

    SOLD WTS: Bushnell LMSS H32 $875 shipped

    Looking to sell my Bushnell LMSS H32. Comes with top, one side and bottom rails. Glass is clear. Comes with front bungie cover and an NF Bikini cover. Just prefer my binos and spotters without reticle. $875 shipped. No trades.
  10. RoterJager

    SOLD Trigger Tech Diamond $200 shipped each

    I have two TT single stage R700 clone triggers for sale. Both are the standard curved shoe.. $200 shipped for each. No trades please. 1 is SPF. 1 still available.
  11. RoterJager

    SOLD WTS: Manners TCS

    Selling my Manners TCS in Highlands came. It is right handed. It has the Sikes clutch installed but does not come with the thumb rest. It has only been used for 3 matches. Just prefer my Foundation. Price is $1500 shipped Pay Pal F&F with no mention of firearms related items. Barreled...
  12. RoterJager

    Reloading Equipment WTS: Bullet Central 6BRA Sizer $170

    Selling my 6BRA Micron Sizing die from bullet central. Only used for 200 cases. No trades please.
  13. RoterJager

    Optics WTS: (2) ARC M10 34mm Rings 1.1" SOLD

    Just like the title says. Selling two pair of ARC rings. They house my Tangents but a change in my set up has necessitated going to taller rings $155 each shipped. No trades
  14. RoterJager

    Optics WTS: Kahles 5-25x56 SKMR3 RSW. ***SPF***

    Selling my Kahles 5-25x56 SKMR3 RSW. Scope has seen some use and shows signs of wear. See pics for details. Also sent the scope in for a tune up on the parallax and lenses. Just got it back with a clean bill of health from Swaro/Kahles. Will include copy of repair receipt. The only reason...
  15. RoterJager

    Reloading Equipment Reloading Die Cleanout

    1) Redding 6mm GT Micrometer Seater $SPF shipped. 2) Redding 6mm XC Micrometer Seater $80 shipped. 3) Forster 6mm BR Micrometer Seater $SOLD 4) Forster 6.5 Creedmoor Full Length Sizing Die Custom honed to 0.2885" $SPF 5)Whidden 6.5 Creedmoor FL Bushing Sizering Die $SPF 6) Whidden 6mm BRA...
  16. RoterJager

    Accessories WTS: (1) Trigger Tech Special Two Stage triggers. $210 each

    Selling two gently used Trigger Tech Special two stage triggers. They are the flat shoe version with bolt release handle. They were mounted and dry fired for one day. The only reason I'm selling is that I've decided that I'd rather shoot matches with single stage triggers. Triggers will come...
  17. RoterJager

    Accessories Keeping

  18. RoterJager

    Accessories WTS: Pint Sized Sticky Game Changer. $sold

    Slightly used Pint Sized Sticky GC. $90 shipped. No trades please.
  19. RoterJager

    Optics Withdrawn

  20. RoterJager

    Accessories WTS/WTT: KMW Sentinel w/Henderson Arca Rail

    Up for grabs is my KMW Sentinel w/ Henderson Precision Arca Rail. Stock has been bedded for a Defiance Action. It will come with the KMW bottom metal. Trade interests are Manners T4A, T6A, T2A or EH1A. Prefer a mini chassis or bedded for an Impact with bottom metal. Would sell outright for...