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  1. MarinePMI

    Rifle Scopes Revic PMR 428 thoughts?

    The LH version has the battery compartment indexed on the other side (to prevent interfering with the bolt handle). As to LRF linking via BT, it's been in the works for awhile now, but I'm not sure if it was in the latest firmware update, or with what LRF's. I seem to recall the Terrapin X was...
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    Firearms Looking for a Accuracy International

    Please bump your post only once every 48 hrs per the site rules.
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    Superperformance Powder

    Well, you manned up to the mistake. Multiple members flagged this post. Please read the site rules. At this point though, no harm, no foul. Carry on.
  4. MarinePMI

    Biden is coming after pistol braces

    This thread will be locked. Please keep politics in the Bear Pit.
  5. MarinePMI

    Advanced Marksmanship Tips & Tricks, from Tripods to Stage Examples for - UKD Team Field Match or Hunting

    Ranges go out to 1900yds. A desolate place, but very nice place for LR shooting. A metric shit ton of steel targets scattered out amongst the ravines, ridges and gullies....
  6. MarinePMI

    How to build a Jeep CJ7 bug out vehicle.

    Meh, it limits parts walking out the back door. That was the big reason the CUCV's were phased out. Too many Chevy parts walking out the backdoor of all the MotorT units...
  7. MarinePMI

    Fix it sticks or borka

    The FAT wrench can vary, sometimes badly, on the accuracy of its setting. The FIS's and Borka kits are pretty accurate and consistent. The FIS is more compact, the Borka more accurate over the long term. Pick your poison, they both work well.
  8. MarinePMI

    178gr ELD-X Load Data FINAL TESTING W/ VARGET 6-29

    <chuckle> Reading his initial, unedited posts, showed that he knew he stepped in it, and then decided to leave. A pity really, as he did have some valid points within his post. They were just not in the right context.
  9. MarinePMI

    178gr ELD-X Load Data FINAL TESTING W/ VARGET 6-29

    GBPSE... And for the record, I have a gardener, drive a coupe autocross car when I decide to take her out of the garage on the weekends, and the owner of this site drives a Porsche. What someone spends on gear (reloading or otherwise) has little to with how well they shoot. A point your...
  10. MarinePMI

    Welp... my time has come. Horta’s last dance.

    This thread has run its course and will be locked.
  11. MarinePMI

    Which Tikka Barrel?

    Carbon6. I have one, and it shoots well. As an aside, carbon fiber barrels do tend to generate a mirage much quicker than a regular barrel, so for PRS type matches, keep that in mind.
  12. MarinePMI

    Welp... my time has come. Horta’s last dance.

    Seems like a legit interpretation....not sure WTH is going on...
  13. MarinePMI

    Night Vision Flying with night Vision

    Definitely no problems with a passenger with carry-on NV gear. I have done it several times in the past, and never an issue (and was only asked once, what they were). Even had a bump helmet strapped onto my pack...
  14. MarinePMI

    Thinking out loud, a reticle for the OEM crew

    JMHO, but I think the circle would be helpful as a cross over scope, when hunting on lower mag. I think the lower cost scopes would do well to also allow a bit of cross over. Since most getting into this sport (generally) are trying to have gear that is dual purpose. But that's just my thought...
  15. MarinePMI

    Old Texas chick learning new tricks

    Interesting. I was always taught that "Miss" was either married or unmarried. But "Ms" was unmarried, and "Mrs" implied married. If only @Veer_G were here to set us right....
  16. MarinePMI

    Sig- files for bankruptcy

    You realize that you commented on a thread that's a year old?
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    SOLD BAE UTC X Like New Condition

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    SOLD BAE UTC X Like New Condition

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    Accessories Suppressor covers and more

    Then you or your friend are going to need to upgrade to a commercial account. Until then I am removing your content.