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  1. McCrazy

    Rifle Scopes SHOT Show canceled: what new scopes are there?

    So since SHOT Show got canceled, has anyone heard anything about new scopes being released? I'm hoping manufacturers will go ahead let us know what they have coming early instead of trying to keep things a secret until the show date. Anyone have any info to share? I've been holding out for...
  2. McCrazy

    Seekins 20% off coupons, $80 each

    Have a tax return burning a hole in your pocket? I have 2x 20% coupons for Seekins Precision to help that return go a bit further. $80 each or $150 if someone wants both. These expire July 1st, 2019 and are good for up to a $2500 discount on your $12500 order.
  3. McCrazy

    How much headspace is too much?

    I'm having a heck of a time getting a quantifiable answer on this so any help would be appreciated. Most people recommend bumping the shoulder back about .002" or .003" after firing in order to prolong the life of the brass and prevent casehead separation. That is fine and not what my question...
  4. McCrazy

    Trail Boss Great Price!!

    Brownells has Trail Boss 2-pound jugs for $29.99 each which is about half the normal cost. Use code PDZ or VCB for free shipping and $10 off a $100 order. I just got 8lbs shipped for $129 to my door.
  5. McCrazy

    Gun Safes: how to select and why.

    This thread is meant to share my experiences in weapon storage and gun safes. I have never seen a comprehensive gun safe thread so here is my attempt at the reasons behind having safes, as well as criteria to evaluate them based off my experience a couple years ago. Hopefully it is worth your...
  6. McCrazy

    Rifle Scopes Left side windage knob. Why not standard?

    I had a USO SN-3 made with a left side windage knob, which also has an ERGO parallax adjustment. I very much like this set-up as being a right hand shooter I can maintain my cheekweld as I adjust windage, whereas on normal right-side windage knobs I have to move my head to see the dial in order...
  7. McCrazy

    Range Report LPR 6.5x47mm Lapua range report

    Well I had to stop shooting for about 6 months due to a motorcycle accident. Now that I'm back though I figured I would share the results of the first trip to the range with my latest rifle. It was built by William Roscoe at Louisiana Precision Rifles and he did an amazing job from what I have...
  8. McCrazy

    Damn Poser: RangerSniper86

    Was trying to find some info on the CheyTac advanced ballistic calculator and there was a link to a website called Gunslot. Anyhow this retard was spewing copious amounts of absolute BS about being in the US Army Ranger core (note the spelling plus no such entity exists) and telling stories...
  9. McCrazy

    Maggie’s Amusing video- wasted drunk guy

    Thought this was pretty fricking funny. Any of you LEO's think this guy could pass a field sobriety test? I'm not savvy enough on a computer to embed the video so hopefully someone can do that for me. Here is the link:
  10. McCrazy

    Member Link Up N.Carolina 1,000 yard shoot; 10/31/2009

    To all interested shooters: A local gun club I have been shooting with lately is going to have a range day later this month that is open to all comers. We shot there last weekend at 600; 800; and 1,000 yards but there are also other yard lines available to shoot from. <span...
  11. McCrazy

    Varget in stock at Natchez

    Just got an e-mail saying Varget is back in stock at Natchez. Hopefully you guys can get some if you need it.
  12. McCrazy

    Range Report Shot my 1st NRA competition today; unbelievable

    I have been wanting to shoot in competitions for a while and finally did my first two today. First was a NRA High Power match shooting in the Sportsman class with my RD Precision rifle described here: Nothing amazing to report on the...
  13. McCrazy

    Photos McCrazys M24 Improved

    This 700 started off as a quasi-M24 build. Eventually I got tired of making compromises so I said screw it and decided to make it more into what I wish my M24 was. The action and bolt (standard Remington 700 SA) have been trued with a RD Precision bolt knob added, and a Schneider polygonal...
  14. McCrazy

    Photos McCrazys GAP

    Here is my GA Precision 7 WSM. It has a Surgeon 591 action with KMW bolt knob, Remington 40X trigger, Bartlein 5R barrel in #7 contour with 1:9" twist and a Badger Thruster muzzle brake for a total length of around 26", Atlas bipod on a spigot going into an AICS 2.0 SA FDE. Barrel and action...
  15. McCrazy

    Maggie’s Signature line witicism

    A lot of members on this forum have some interesting taglines for their signatures. I just got an e-mail with several so I though I would start a thread for people to contribute. " APHORISM: A SHORT, POINTED SENTENCE EXPRESSING A WISE OR CLEVER OBSERVATION OR A GENERAL TRUTH; ADAGE The...