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  1. chooter

    Accessories WTS: Silencerco OSPREY 45 cal supressor

    New in box on form 4 in Ohio residents only. $700 plus shipping
  2. chooter

    Reloading Equipment Reloading stuff

    #%#%#% I am not a licensed haz shipper so no loaded ammo, tracers,incindiary or powder shipping#%#%#%. Hogdon 50 BMG 1 one pound can $35 30-06 tracer bullets with pull marks 920 pieces$110 308 win tracer bullets with pull marks 221 pieces $26 take all tracers and I will throw ~300 pieces for...
  3. chooter

    6x47 Lapua loads with 115 dtacs and H 4831sc?

    Anyone tried this combination? Results? Did not find info in the 6x47 load section. Help will be appreciated.
  4. chooter

    Suppressors DB difference using a 9 mm in a 45acp can

    Anyone know if there is any db difference shooting a 9mm out of a 45 can? I have fired 6mm out of a 30 cal can and my untrained ears have little to no difference. Inquiring minds want to know!😎
  5. chooter

    Reloading Equipment WTS: 223 M196 tracer ammo

    Loaded on either once fired brass or pull down brass. This is "reloaded" ammo. 1250 rounds/can - will not split up. Most on stripper clips. $300/can. Price firm. Pickcup ONLY in Dayton OH.
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    Accessories DELETE - found

    Purdy please.
  7. chooter

    Firearms delete: Benelli M1 Super 90

    delete Used in good condition with a few scuffs on barrel. 19" magnaported barrel, ghost ring sights, side saddle, tube extention(not pictured), pistol grip stock. $850 plus shipping. Slugs and 00 buckshot available with local sale
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    padom. GTG

    Smooth transaction, exc. condition, fast shipper. A+
  9. chooter

    Range Report Drop chart never seems correct

    With known distances and supposed BC's my results are not correct. So I got the bright idea is that the scope rail cant is the cause of the problem. Assuming that the various programs the drop is figured with a 0 degree cant and that I am using a 20 min cant, is that actually where the...
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    delete - sold

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    Excellent communicator, fast payment, and all around good (y)?person to do business with. A+
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    Excellent communication, fast shipper, more than fair price. Great person to do business with. A+
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    AAA+++ excellent communication, fast payment, and the patience of a saint as I was delayed in shipping due to an ugly stomach virus all good now. deal with confidence!
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    delete=====sold Hornady 30 cal 208 eldm bullets

    ten boxes for $325 shipped conus. no trades and listed elsewhere.
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    Sold: delete

    New in box, SCR reticle, NO Illuminated reticle. Burris part # 201054. $825 shipped, ins. extra Looking for S&W 617, 4", 10 shot listed elsewhere.
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    Delete - sold

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    relisted with changes
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    Sold delete