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  1. Eliteuas

    WTB Remington RACS m40a6 S/A chassis.

    Let me know whatcha got; and how much ya need for it. Thanks Felipe Bastos EliteUAS
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    Optics *** SOLD*** L3 NGAL $6500 TYD

    Up for grabs is a like new with minimal wear NGAL L3 laser. This unit is FP, 90mw illuminator, 80mw laser etc... this is not a toy. It’s legally acquired through a contractor. No BS / Uncle Sam doesn’t own it. I do. If you want it, $6500 TYD insured overnight shipping. Methods of payment for...
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    Accessories WTB TBAC .338 SR BRAKE 5/8x24 x3

    need three of these. pm me a price.
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    Night Vision GEM NVD white phosphor camera adaptor with super tube.

    Ok up for grabs is a complete system. If purchased for the full asking price I’ll even throw in a like new DSLR Canon with 3 lenses. pictured is what’s for sale: -GEM II surveillance canon to MUM14 adaptor -MUM 14 housing - photonis Echo tube with 2334 FOM and absolutely ZERO blems. Has great...
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    Accessories Found

    Let me know whatcha got!
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    STEINER LRF BINO's PVS14 compatibility?

    So Im running STEINER IFS scopes and apparently the Steiner LRF binos can send data to them to my knowledge, the only question I have is is there a way to mount a pvs14 behind the binos or a clip on like the TigIR in front? would this interfere with the ranging capabilities of the system...
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    WTB McMillan A4 Rem 700 USMC spec m40a3 olive drab rifle stock & Remington defense USMC m40a6 chassis

    Let me know what ya got, also interested in a McMillan A4 with badger EFR pre installed. Doesn't need to be OD green but no crazy color schemes, traditional Camo's or swirls is ok, no vibrant red/orange/pink/blue etc LOL. Also looking for a USMC spec m40a6 chassis for a rem 700. Felipe Bastos...
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    Night Vision -POSTPONED *** EliteUAS "Try Before You Buy NIGHT VISION TOUR."

    most recent update : April 14th 2021 “ Ok fellas this is being postponed. Sometimes God sends ya signals and right now I need to be with my family, my grandfather just had a stroke last night and I’m going to Brazil to spend time with him and the rest of my family in a couple weeks after I’ve...
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    SOLD (PRICE DROP) $1300 each Northrop Grumman Mk7 Rangefinders (10km rangefinders)

    Ok Ill be the first to say it, Im in over my head with work and don't have the time to currently take these apart and rebuild them with Nightvision tubes installed. Therefore Im selling these as is. They all work fine and range ELR distances, they just don't have a image intensifier tube in them...
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    Night Vision A advisement for all Wilcox, RAPTAR Full Power OWNERS. unlock UPDATE.

    First let me say don't panic, but keep this in mind when supporting this business with your hard earned money. Long story short Wilcox is screwing us over on the RAPTARs, and I feel an obligation to post something about it as the guy who UNLOCKED/ some/most full power units for several (30 or...
  11. Eliteuas

    Night Vision The wings are here, time for blastoff !

    The market is in for a rude awakening, the way we look at Nightvision Optics is about to change, what happens when lighter, stronger and smaller meets innovation? I present you all with: The Photonis Defense PRO-16 filmless WP dual tube Nightvision system. smaller then the competitor; lighter...
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    Night Vision White Phosphor PVS 24 clip on Retubed by JAY @sureshotnightvision L3 Filmless

    Selling this one out of the personal collection to fund some other things I have in the works. Flawless 20UM Filmless L3 tube. not one blem. less than 2 hours on the tube. Jay got 12 x mag out of it, I got the same. $7600 Shipped/Insured. $6750 shipped/insured Comes with spec sheet and padded pouch.
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    Optics I know its a long shot... but Im looking for a Tanodized NF beast/ ATACR. Holla at me!

    I know its a long shot... but I NEED two things.. 1.) DAGR GPS unit. 2.) Tanodized NF beast/ ATACR. Holla at me! Thanks Felipe Bastos EliteUAS
  14. Eliteuas

    Civ. Version of DAGR “Polaris guide”

    Anyone know where I can acquire one of these? Is it even possible, Rockwell Collins supposedly made a civ . Version of the DAGR gps but information is scarce at best! Regards Felipe Bastos EliteUAS
  15. Eliteuas


    -Steiner m8xi coyote $2000 shipped/ insured -L3 SRF (Squad range finder)3600 yard rifle mounted rangefinder with full power IR ILLUMINATOR, IR pointer and visible laser. *My last one* $7999 shipped/insured -L3 blk PVS24 re-tubed by Sureshot nightvision with a FLAWLESS WP l3 filmless 20UM tube...
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    Night Vision WTB or WTT for a Pulsar XQ38 LRF

    looking for the pocket thermal monocular with laser rangefinder. holler if ya have one.
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    Optics L3 Squad Range Finder (ELR), 338 lapua brass Hensoldt 6-24 SFP, TBAC Certificate, MUM14 j arm

    1. First off is the ultra rare 3600 yard L3 rifle mounted SQUAD RANGE FINDER, also features. Full power laser both visible and IR as well as a Full power IR illuminator . $ 10.500 shipped/insured . Price is firm. That’s what I have into it. 2. Next up is a new in box Hensoldt SFP 6-24 mildot...
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    Night Vision Subtle flexation..:

    As my time as an airgunner nears its end *rights restoration is in the works finally* , (long overdue) I present my final iteration of the air flex dubbed “sir flexington” This is I dunno... the 8th variant? Lol Needless to say it’s a 1of 1 all around. From the custom built rifle itself with an...
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    Night Vision HOLY MOLY THE HOLY GRAIL SALE IS BACK ! QUADS, SRF, CLIP ONS, ETC! don't miss out!!!

    clearing out the armory once again... Too many toys not enough monies... for the other toys I want lol Anywho... we got some ultra rarities and some odds and ends here at EliteUAS so if your fixing for a fixxxxxxxx of rarity , with a side of ULTRA, some of these items might just tickle your...