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  1. GunGasm

    Accessories FS: Rare breed triggers

    I bought these, I just can’t bring myself to blow thru the ammo! New in packaging, FRT-15 triggers 600$ shipped each
  2. GunGasm

    Accessories FS: Berger 6cm 105 Hybrid

    Have 4 cases of 6 creed Berger 105 hybrid target loaded ammo. 625$ shipped/case Know ur ammo laws before purchasing
  3. GunGasm

    SOLD Various 6.5 creed brass

    As u can see by pic, various brass, I can prolly dig up another 20-60 rounds of Winchester maybe if I look hard. 100$ shipped for what u see
  4. GunGasm

    SOLD FS: Norma 6.5 creed 130s

    Have 1 more case of norma 6.5 creed 130s, decided to let it go for what my other sold for. Same lot #s $580 shipped
  5. GunGasm

    Accessories FS: ADI 308 ammo

    I have 5 cases all same lot 168 grain SMK, 400$ case plus shipping
  6. GunGasm

    SOLD FS: 6.5 creed Norma ammo

    I’ve got 10 boxes all same lot, 600$ shipped
  7. GunGasm

    Accessories WTB : TBAC 30cal 1/2x28 brake

    Just like title says, trying to find a CB brake for 30 cal with 1/2x28 threads. Thanks
  8. GunGasm

    Accessories FS: 6.5 creed 140 Winchester match ammo

    I’ve got 5 cases here of 140 grain match ammo, $2500 shipped
  9. GunGasm

    Accessories FS: Manners T4AT *SOLD*

    I have for sale a like new manners T4A team stock, elite tactical shell, short action, impact inlet, gen 2 chassis, short badger rail, 2 non rotating cups left side, SWAMP camo $1200 shipped, no trades I have TCS inbound
  10. GunGasm

    Optics FS: ZCO 5-27 MPCT1 *SOLD*

    I have a like new Zero Compromise 5-27 with MPCT1 ret, its one the first gens $SOLD shipped, have ARC rings available for it too Pics to follow
  11. GunGasm

    Rimfire FS: vudoo 22lr *SOLD*

    I have a brand new vudoo 22lr, 20” proof in a manners prs1T, with TT diamond pro curve trigger. *scope and bipod not included 3500$ shipped
  12. GunGasm

    Optics FS: Silencerco Radius *SOLD*

    Have a like new radius sitting in safe I’m not gonna use, box, covers, etc included SOLD$ shipped No Trades
  13. GunGasm

    Firearms FS: DST 224 Valkyrie

    I’ve got a brand new Deep South Tactical rem/proof 224 ba for sale. Never had round down it, I’m clearing out something’s I got laying around. I paid SOLD* I’m gonna ask that but I’ll throw in Trigger tech special trigger I bought as upgrade for it. No Trades, and no, the JAE isn’t for sale
  14. GunGasm

    Firearms FS: Surgeon/Proof 6.5-47 PRICE DROP *SOLD*

    Have a like new Surgeon Proof barreled action chambered in 6.5-47 lapua, work done by Stewart Rifles. 150 rounds down it. Jewel trigger, 419 brake included, JAE & bipod NOT $2250 shipped, No Trades *NOW $2000*
  15. GunGasm

    Optics FS: ZCO MPCT3 *SOLD*

    Have a brand new just delivered 5-27 ZCO with mpct3 ret, ordered it while back and life has decided to change my plans. I’ve opened up the box but haven’t even taken scope out. $SOLD shipped u need pics shoot me pm
  16. GunGasm

    Accessories NF PTL for Atacr *GONE*

    Cleaning things out, new in package, Nightforce power thro lever for atacrs and shv line. FREE, whoever hits it first gets it
  17. GunGasm

    Optics FS: Vortex 6-24 AMG MOA

    Have a like new Vortex AMG 6-24 with MOA ret. Box and everything comes with as new. $1500 shipped
  18. GunGasm

    Accessories FS: JAE 700 *SOLD*

    I bought this on spur moment, decided I don’t need. Short action JAE700 in great condition. Bag rider, +6 arca rail, (2) 4” JAE side picatinny rails, (1) 2” JAE bottom picatinny rail, Sawtooth Rifles Sawket Mlok forend inserts, SAP 2 round holder SOLD$ shipped
  19. GunGasm

    FS: rings apa seekins vortex*ALL SOLD*

    I’m cleaning house of things sitting round New apa rings, 34mm .950 $150 Set of seekins 6/4 34mm, don’t know height, looks like highs? 125$ Set of vortex branded 34mm, maybe xtra highs, SOLD$ New in box, opened, seekins 30mm 6/4, box says highs, $125 All prices shipped
  20. GunGasm

    FS: Manners PRS1T *SOLD*

    Brand new, PRS1T, scorched earth elite tac shell, m24 channel, gen 2 mini chassis with barricade stop, badger rail, 2 flush cups left side, manners cheek knob, inlet for arc maus/rem 700 up some extras laying around $1250 shipped