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  1. sniper307

    Ammo WTS: one 500 round case .308 FGMM 168 grain

    One sealed 500 Round case of Federal FGMM 168 grain .308 ammo. 1030.00 Shipped CONUS
  2. sniper307

    My new SeaBee

    My son graduated his A school yesterday from SeaBees.. I was not able to attend his boot graduation ( Covid) and same for this one.. I was accepting a letter of recognition for him today from the local VFW chapter and FaceTiming him when the call dropped.. I looked up, cussing AT&T ( more bars...
  3. sniper307

    WTB Wtb: Footmans loop for Magpul PRS

    Need the Footmans loop for a Magpul PRS stock . Has the QD socket built in. Looks like this.
  4. sniper307

    Accessories Looking for : AIAT barrel

    Looking for an AIAT 16.5 inch .308 barrel threaded 5/8 x24. New or likely used. Black please.
  5. sniper307

    Accessories Want to trade: Ammo for RMR

    Just picked up a new H&K VP9L OR handgun at a local hole in the wall GS. I would like to try a Trijicon type 2 RMR 3.25 moa red dot on it. Have a case (500) rounds of 9mm FMJ I would offer up for a swap. Could be new or used as long as it isn’t beat to hell and works.. might be a long shot but I...
  6. sniper307

    Accessories WTB: Remington Mohawk 600 stock

    Looking for a stock for Remington Mohawk 600. Bought my 13 year old daughter a nice little rifle but the stock is a little rough. Looking to see what is out there. Wood or fiberglass/ synthetic. Thanks.
  7. sniper307

    Tell me about this

    Recently picked this up from a buddy who has had it along time. His father in law gave it to him many years ago. Kinda wondering what it is worth. Winchester Model 70 heavy barrel in 22-250, dates to 1967, benchrest stock( right hand) with Redfield fixed 24x. Clean old gun, unknown round count...
  8. sniper307

    New Stick: AIAT LE version

    Just wanted to share a pick of my new stick, AIAT LE model. Bought the all black 20” incher from Mile High ( thank you Dan )last month to get the black AX buttstock. I was hoping to get some green skins for it but they are all out of stock. Well I did the better thing and got Greg Ballard of On...
  9. sniper307

    Accessories ATACR F1 eye piece scope cap

    Anybody got one, an extra? Nightforce part number A283. Need one.
  10. sniper307

    Accessories WTB: AIAT green skins

    Need a set of green skins for an AIAT. Front section only needed as I have the AX butt stock . Prefer new or like new.
  11. sniper307

    Accessories FS: KMW Sentinel stock

    For sale is this unique bad ass white snow camo, PRS pimping KMW Sentinel stock. Comes with IMB, all spacers for length of pull, bipod and picatinny rails , anti-rotational quick connect sockets.S/A inlet for Remington footprint. $ 1000.00 shipped CONUS. Or buy this and my Vortex I have listed...
  12. sniper307

    FS: Vortex Rzr Gen 2 4.5x27x56 EBR2C

    Like new less than 100 rounds fired , mounted in Badger rings on a range gun. Box, paperwork, defender scope caps, shade, throw lever, tool. $ 1500.00 shipped CONUS. Seen in this pic on KMW rifle.
  13. sniper307

    Need tires for new truck

    Like the tittle says, need some tennis shoes for new truck. 2014 f-250 super duty 4x4.20inch rims . Looking for mud terrain. Always hard great service out of Toyo open country MT . They are my first choice but high as giraffe pussy for 35x12.50x20. Any suggestions are should I pony up the...
  14. sniper307

    Whats it worth?

    Guys, I am kinda on the fence here. I purchased a new AIAE MKII in .308 back at the beginning of the year. It is 2.0 folder with 18 MOA mount mille to fit S&B 5x25. The barrel length is 24 inch, and I upgraded to the Bartlein 1-10 twist. I also have a TAB od sling for it. I am debating getting a...
  15. sniper307

    Just my luck! Day before I leave for Match

    Shot about 100 rounds yesterday afternoon . Just fine tuning and getting ready for North American Sniper Championships in Southaven MS. After firing last round, I notice the back of bolt is protruding some what. After further investigation, my firing pin broke. Thank god for good people like...
  16. sniper307

    Accuracy International Kool-aid

    I have tasted the AIAE MKII Kool-aid folks........and I am not sure if I like it. Got my new rifle last week from the awesome folks of MileHigh Shooting. I got the AIAE with 24 in Bartlein and folding stock. Beautiful rifle. So i mounted up the trusty Ole S&B and set off to break in the barrel...
  17. sniper307


    Guys I just picked up my new AIAE MKII 2.0 folder, BARTLEIN upgrade (oh yeah) from my FFL before lunch. Great rifle. Love it. The folks at MILE HIGH SHOOTING were great to deal with and super friendly. i highly recommend them to anyone interested. now, I have a couple of questions. Since the...
  18. sniper307

    Accuracy International twist rates

    anybody running an AIAE or AIAW with a factory tube 1-12 twist rate with 175 grain FGMM or BlackHills? I am debating the barrel upgrade to the Bartlein 1-10 , but I am curious if the factory barrel will do the job with the 175's. Any help, group sizes, and photos appreciated. Ryan
  19. sniper307

    Crooked ass MUTHAf$@&er

    Took one of my newer Rem 700 out of the stock to finally start a bedding job. It is a j-lock 700 VS in 22-250 I bought about 5 years ago new and shot maybe 30 rounds through. Low and behold, big green got me again. Recoil lug is not square to the action. Instead of being straight on at 6...
  20. sniper307

    AIAE mkII or AIAW

    Ok, so I made up my mind, I want an AI rifle and not just a Remmy sitting in a chassis. I currently have a couple of KMW rifles, that just plain rock.... Couldnt ask for better..... However, I want an AI just because...I want an AI. Being an LEO, I get a nice discount if I buy new. My debate...