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  1. MarinePMI

    Maryland FFL near the beltway?

    Anyone got a line on a reputable FFL in Maryland, near the beltway of DC? I have a co-worker (a widow) who's FIL passed away (he lived just outside DC, in MD), and there are guns that were intended for her two boys. Without their father around anymore, these firearms may be some important...
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    Forum Rules

    Please review the forum rules linked below, before posting. Members are reminded that bumping posts is limited to once every 48 hrs.
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    Rifle Scopes Stryka Optics Out of Business

    Just a heads up for those considering Stryka Optics (binos or scopes). They have recently gone out of business and there is no warranty coverage for their products.
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    What the ever living fuck....

    When did this...become a thing? WTF?
  5. MarinePMI

    Emotions are high...let's not assassinate Ferdinand again

    Before everyone gets up in arms, and calling for what should happen next, I'd suggest reading this article. Food for thought...
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    Night Vision Oh Horta....

    Tease...I've got something you don't have...nanner, nanner, nanner... 😂😂😂
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    So, who's financing all the riots?

    Had to cut and paste, but it's an interesting article. From the Epoch Times (a very good news source)... China Ties to US Riots Exposed by Trevor Loudon BY ELLA KIETLINSKA October 8, 2020 Updated: October 9, 2020 Print Most of the riots that racked the United States within the last few...
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    Rifle Scopes Revic App update?

    Went out yesterday, and went to edit a profile when I saw that the app has changed significantly for the Revic scope. When did this happen?
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    Foreign interference you say?

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    First debate already held!

    Lol! 😂😂😂
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    "It's quieter on Wednesday night in Kenosha"

    Kenosha sees less turmoil Wednesday after three nights of violence shit it's quieter. That's what happens when looters know people will shoot them!
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    Lol. Mail in ballot fraud can't be true... 400 one person. Hmmm.....
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    H4350 at Powder Valley

    heads up!
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    Night Vision Can someone list?

    Just wondering if someone could list all the thermal scopes that stream video via WiFi? A format (if known) would also be nice (i.e. H-264 part 10, etc)
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    Ummm, Okay...Where's the NRA?

    Okay, so where is the NRA? I thought they were supposed to defend folks from this kind of crap? All I'm hearing from them right now is...crickets. Smdh...
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    Variations in bullet diameter?

    Has anyone run into this before? (Variation in bullet diameter) I was just loading some Sierra 77gr TMK, and noticed when using my Wilson seater die, that most bullets slowly went down the hole due to air displacement. However, I had 2 that literally dropped down the hole like a rock, and a...
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    Oh dear, what a shame....

    I mean, Oh! Deer!... 😂
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    Anyone looking for a small ranch in Wyoming?

    Got an old Marine friend, that for family reasons, is having to sell their small (166 acre) spread in Carlile, WY.. It always seemed to be a real nice place, so I offered to throw the link up here to spread the word...
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    Night Vision NextGen NVG...sort of...

    Some have asked about nextgen NV (ENVG) and I was hesitant to say much. That being said, I logged in today and started looking for any publicly, ITAR releaseable stuff that is out there, and found this marketing video from a few years back. It should give some you an idea of what is out there...