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  1. samuraiwarrior23

    Pre-fit barrel

    Is this normal to have exposed threads inside the action in the photo? the barrel is seated all the way into the action.
  2. samuraiwarrior23

    Accessories 224 Valkyrie ammo FS

    Federal American eagle 224 Valkyrie 75gr TMJ ammo for sale I have 41-20rd boxes =820rds $820 shipped for all of it.
  3. samuraiwarrior23

    Impact 737 pre-fit issues

    I finally got a benchmark 308 barrel on my Impact 737 action at 75 ft lbs.I checked it with Clymers Go and No go gauges.the problem is the bolt closes with very little if any resistance on the No- Go gauge.Is this normal?Can the rifle be fired?should I send the barrel back?
  4. samuraiwarrior23

    Reloading Equipment Varget in stock

    Varget in stock at powder valley...
  5. samuraiwarrior23

    Accessories WTB-PreFit Impact 300wm

    Looking for a 300wm Pre-fit barrel for Impacts 787r long action.
  6. samuraiwarrior23

    Rifle Scopes Sig Sauer whiskey scopes

    Does anyone have any experience with Sigs whiskey line scopes?how is their glass?
  7. samuraiwarrior23

    Manners Stocks mini Gen1 vs Gen2

    what is the difference in Gen1 and Gen2 chassis?
  8. samuraiwarrior23

    Gunsmithing Impact 737r

    Can anyone tell me if the Impact 737r action Mag BF can be setup in 300 WM and with a badger M5 detachable mag.
  9. samuraiwarrior23

    AI AT 308 rifle

    Does anyone make mags for this gun other than AI? And are they AW mags? thanks
  10. samuraiwarrior23

    Greenwood187 good to go

    Purchased a scope from him all went well fast shipping better than described.
  11. samuraiwarrior23


    Hawk gunner is good to described product fast shipping
  12. samuraiwarrior23

    Subxero GTG

    Excellent dealings,fast shipping
  13. samuraiwarrior23


    Dan,is good to go.bought a bag and transaction went perfect
  14. samuraiwarrior23

    rockhill12 Is good to go

    purchased a mag off him and was shipped fast and received as described.Good dealings
  15. samuraiwarrior23


    Adam is good to go.excellent deal quick shipping
  16. samuraiwarrior23

    Magazine question

    Does anyone know what kind of magazine this is.Thanks
  17. samuraiwarrior23

    deleting attachments

    How do I delete photo attachments? Thanks
  18. samuraiwarrior23

    Anyone familiar with Valmet mags?

    I have these mags and Im not sure if their Valmet mags
  19. samuraiwarrior23

    Does anyone know what mag this is?

    Im not sure what mag I have here no stamps or marking on it.Thnxs
  20. samuraiwarrior23

    Gunsmithing remy 223 bottom metal conversion

    Can I switch out my stock bottm metal on my Remy 223 with a SA dbm version setup for 308?and will the AI 223 mags work.Thnxs