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  1. 1moaoff

    Tuner playtime

    Didn't stress load development because I wanted to play with the tuner. After testing #8 was a single hole. So dialed back to that setting and shot 10 more on same place. 12 rounds at #8. I hate shooting groups by the way. Mirage was bad and I broke position each shot.. This rifle with normal...
  2. 1moaoff

    Match calendar

    I know this has come up before. I thought last year someone had list of matches. I travel so I have to shoot all over if I want to play. -PRS only lists theirs and there's little contact information - i won't use Facebook - practiscore is limited in what people list. Any other ideas?
  3. 1moaoff

    Rifle Competition Events South florida precision

    Anyone here go there to shoot. Thinking of heading down this weekend for a 1 day. I don't have Facebook and I'm looking for contact information.
  4. 1moaoff

    In stock dual w/p

    Any idea who might have duals in w/p in stock thats solid to deal with. I qould prefer to buy new.
  5. 1moaoff

    Reloading consistency

    I have seen alot of wtb ads for components in small quantities lately. As a warning for guys new to this take this into consideration. I am not saying you need to hoard. BUT.... When buying components remeber to buy enough for your purpose. You don't want to have to start over in a rush because...
  6. 1moaoff

    How we all should start out in rimfire

    As children!!!! Kids shoot 22...... Let's help the kids learn
  7. 1moaoff

    Training Courses Traing course for kids
  8. 1moaoff

    Accessories Wts ... all the kids
  9. 1moaoff

    Primers in stock
  10. 1moaoff

    Ban this you whining inbreeds

    GGWG's & Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation Let's Do This! Got your attention! Now donate!
  11. 1moaoff

    Should i retire??

    Literally just hopped on flight #2 to get from CA to OH. Customers are pushing me off and I have lost the desire most days to continue. My goal was to retire at 40. I couldn't bring myself to do it because I get bored easily. Now im 45 and my patience is gone. I can afford to so its not money...
  12. 1moaoff

    Reloading Equipment WTB 30 cal 150 to 155 gr bullets

    Looking for minimum qty of 2000 150 to 155 gr 308 bullets. I would prefer NON fmj. Send me a PM if you have them to sell or trade.
  13. 1moaoff

    Maggie’s Ammo Price / Date guessing game

    Rules are simple. Pick a date Time will be 12:00 PM Caliber choices 9mm, 223, 5.56, 308, 7.62x51 New manufacure all new components. Pick a date and caliber, pick a price that will be the lowest on ammoseek. You can win!!!!! NOTHING BUT FUN AND GAMES...
  14. 1moaoff

    Reloading Equipment Wtb, speer 130gr HP 308

    Looking for 100 atleast to test Speer 130gr HP Part # 2005
  15. 1moaoff

    Dillon progressive modifications

    To those that have modified the powder bar set up. What modifications did you do and what were the real world results?
  16. 1moaoff

    Who remembers tasco pro point

    Who remembers when these were the bomb?
  17. 1moaoff

    Reloading Equipment Approx 100 SRP free

    My terms are absolute do not message asking for variance. Face to face Wilmington OHIO Between 9 and 5 at my business. No shipping no selling Ok, I found 2 sleeves ( 1 feels full the other doesnt) of these in my stuff probably from a friend who used to load. I haven't opened sleeves they are...
  18. 1moaoff

    New reloader PSA

    So we have alot of new members here. That, along with a shortage of ammo and components seems to have provided even more confusion. Here are a few thoughts to keep you guys safe and having fun(and to keep you from getting flamed or feeling silly) 1. Get a paper manual and read it. Keep it...
  19. 1moaoff

    PRS Talk Match trainer modifications

    So I decided to im going to shoot again in 2021. 2020 was just too busy. I have a tendency to modify alot of things to the way I want them. Usually I modify my trainer first to see if i like it. So I wanted to go a bit lighter but keep the rifle setups the same ish... added weights moved weights...
  20. 1moaoff

    Feedback Coldbeerchief