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  1. Concrete shooter

    Firearms SAC TL3 6.5 creed

    For sale: 6.5 creedmoor Built by Short Action Customs Bighorn TL-3 21 inch Bartlein barrel threaded 5/8×24 Triggertech primary Cerakoted sniper Grey KRG BRAVO Full length ARCA rail 10 round AICS magazine Round count is 320 Getting 2995 fps with rl26 and 135 classic hunters! Price: $2,150.00...
  2. Concrete shooter


    Beautiful little 6.5 grendel CZ 527 Incredible trigger 18 inch barrel Threaded 1/2x28 5 round detachable magazine Barrel was cut and threaded fir suppressor by Tom @ Ross Rifles here in Oklahoma Shoots .6 moa with hornady black 123 eldm $770 shipped conus
  3. Concrete shooter

    SOLD For sale: berger bullets (7mm and 30 cal)

    1 box of 100 7mm 180 hybrids 2 boxes of 100 30 caliber 190 vld 1 box of 100 30 caliber 210 vld Will sell for $70 per box shipped. ( based on midway USA prices)
  4. Concrete shooter

    Reloading Equipment Help!!! Wtb: 6.5 grendel dies

    In search of 6.5 grendel die set. Thanks in advance!
  5. Concrete shooter

    Optics In search of: lpmr-t Recorder

    As the title states I am looking for a lpmr-t for use on my n-vision halo lr. I have a Silencerco radius we might work a deal on! Thanks in advance!
  6. Concrete shooter

    Optics Trijicon MRO

    Selling my trijicon MRO. This was mounted on my truck gun so it has a few scratches on the body. Lenses are perfect. Comes with a Larue QD lower ⅓ mount. Asking $325.00 shipped conus.
  7. Concrete shooter

    We have now discovered THE WORST THING to bring to gun fight! We've seen the tragic results of bringing a knife to a gun fight. We've seen the tragic results of bringing a can of bear spray to a gun fight. New #1 takes the lead: BRINGING A TRIGGER LOCK TO A GUN FIGHT
  8. Concrete shooter

    I'm having a tinfoil premonition.

    Ok folks, I wanted to share this, in spite of it sounding crazy. I guess a lot of conspiracy theories do. Hell, I wake up every morning feeling like I'm waking from a dream, reality has been stranger than fiction, feeling like deja vu all over again. Lol! Does anyone remember the so called...
  9. Concrete shooter

    Biden caught reading from from a teleprompter during a softball interview, again!

    I'm starting to feel sorry for him....almost. Nah, God gave me a brain and I ain't stupid. I'm curious though, fellow tinfoil hatters, could this be a ruse to keep from eventually being prosecuted for all his dirty dealings? Just a poor senile old man.... I've long thought that the only...
  10. Concrete shooter

    2ND BEST NEWS OF THE DAY!!! This is the almost the best news of the day, just behind the dead antifa/blm commie murderer! This...
  11. Concrete shooter

    CDC/Riots slight of hand...

    CDC: 94% of COVID-19 deaths had underlying medical conditions I can't decide if I'm more likely to get in my truck and join the caravan in Portland or head to CDC...
  12. Concrete shooter

    Optics WTT: Nvision Halo 25mm for Nvision Halo lr 50mm

    just seeing what might be out there. Will add cash on top of my halo 25 for your halo lr. Thanks in advance!
  13. Concrete shooter

    86 year old Army veteran AND HIS WIFE executed at a cemetery! Folks, it's gone way too far. I am out of words. NO ONE can let there guard down for a single second! My oldest son got married yesterday, my...
  14. Concrete shooter

    Optics Want To Buy: ZCO, TT525 or Minox Zp5 5-25x56 Mr4

    let me know what you've got!
  15. Concrete shooter

    Optics PRICE DROP!!! $2,725.00 Tangent Theta 315 P 3-15X50 34MM

    For Sale or Trade: Tangent Theta 315p excellent condition 3-15x50 Gen 2 illuminated mil dot Ccw double turn turrets 34mm tube Tenebrex caps and ARD $2,850.00 or trade Trades: minox zp5 plus cash or other optics?
  16. Concrete shooter

    Optics WTS: Pulsar Core RXQ30V THERMAL

    Pulsar Core RXQ30V 384x288 core 17 micron 1.6x6.4 magnification Black hot/ white hot (not green tint) Comes with box, case, mount, paperwork and accessories $1,450.00 shipped
  17. Concrete shooter

    Optics Wtt/Wts MINOX ZP5 5-25X56 MR4

    wanting to sell or trade towards a nice thermal scope. Zp5 5-25x56 mr4 reticle Mint condition 1.5 months old Comes with your choice of rings : hawkins low or nightforce ultralight high $sold!!! Also have rifle for sale: Rifle: $2,100.00 Stiller tac 30 7mm saum Bartlien 24 inch heavy palma...
  18. Concrete shooter

    Firearms SOLD: Stiller Tac 30 7mm SAUM with brass, dies, and bullets!

    MAIN trade interests: nice thermal setup i.e. pulsar thermion ect.... Rifle: $2,100.00.....price drop....$1,850.00 .... $1,750.00 with brass, dies and bullets. Stiller tac 30 7mm saum Bartlien 24 inch heavy palma contour cerakoted black (brake stays with me) Action modified for longer c.o.a.l...
  19. Concrete shooter

    Optics WTS: Nightforce NX8 Mil- XT

    For Sale: As new model c632 Nx8 2.5-20x50 Reticle: Mil-xt First focal plane Ccw turrets Illuminated reticle $1,700.00 shipped conus
  20. Concrete shooter

    Optics WTS/WTT: Hensoldt 6-24x72 !!!

    For sale or trade: Hensoldt 6-24x72 Phenomenal glass and light gathering 0.1 mil turrets Mil dot reticle Digital illumination Excellent condition Comes with either Vortex 1.25" or nightforce 1.5" rings Price: $2,700.00 shipped or trade for minox zp5. Would possibly trade for Tangent Theta or...