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  1. opeagle

    Spotters Ball Head

    I’m currently using a cheap pistol grip to run my spotter off of. I’m looking to upgrade. I have an 0311 tripod from Shadow Tech and an MK4. I’m not interested in changing tripods in the work whip where this is carried. I have to buy it, and anything that is destroyed or lost is on my dime, so...
  2. opeagle

    Tripod head for spotting scope

    I’m looking for something on the better side for a tripod head to use with a spotting scope. I’ve seen recommendations for a geared head, but I tend to spot and move down the line to the next shooter, so I’m wondering if a geared head will prove to to slow to correct. If I do look at geared...
  3. opeagle

    Vortex is back with reticled eye piece

    Just catching up on email and noticed their returning with a reticle for the newest generation of Viper spotters. New from Vortex
  4. opeagle


    Mike the Monopoly champion has mentioned the Leupold Binoculars with the reticle, and referenced “other” things coming from Leupold. In this time relative lockdown, can anyone share some thoughts on the products?
  5. opeagle

    Tunnel of death

    Tunnel of death, this was on one of the 2020 Shot Show additions of the podcast. Can anyone talk about the reticle that was briefly explained?
  6. opeagle

    Training Courses ADC’s Scoped Rifle Elements, May 18-19 Gibsonburg, OH

    Adaptive Defense Concepts will be holding their Scoped Rifle Elements Class May 18-19, 2019 in Gibsonburg, OH. We still have a few seats left if your interested, however I do limit this class to 12 shooters. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Link to registration
  7. opeagle

    Nascar 2019

    I’ve been a racing fan since birth. I’m not seeing how NASCAR is getting the speedway cars right. This is simply disturbing.
  8. opeagle

    34 and 35 mm scope mounting options

    I have two AR platform rifles and both 34 and 35 mm scopes to mount. I’m looking for maybe more than an ADM cantilever but not sure I want to pay SPUR prices. What are my options?
  9. opeagle

    Rifle Scopes NF ATACR 4-16 vs Leupold MK5 3.6-18

    I’m scoping an 308 AR with the thought of using it for mid range work. Say 100 to 700 yards. In looking at scopes I’m somewhat drawn to a 3-5 power on the bottom and 15-20 give or take on the top end. In this it brings me to compare these two scopes. I’m thinking of trying the Tremor 3...
  10. opeagle

    Power Supply / Conditioners / UPS

    With more and more electronics on my reloading bench, especially with expensive scales, what do people recommend for power supply? I’ve used a simple power strip but am adding an auto trickler with an AnD scale next, thinking something to condition power would help. Anyone know much about this...
  11. opeagle

    Seekins rifle pics

    What scope mount was on the Seekins AR10m Frank was shooting in the pics on FB?
  12. opeagle

    Training Courses ADC’s Precision Rifle Optics Workshop

    Link to website Your scope is a critical component of your precision rifle system. Many experts will recommend that you should spend more on your optic than on the rifle it is attached to. Due to the massive surge in interest in long range and precision rifle shooting, the optics market has...
  13. opeagle

    Tripod twist vs cam lock leg locks

    I've always used cheap tripods and they tended to feature cam locks on the leg extensions. I've used a Silk with the twist locks and generally found them to be a pain. I see the newest offering from Shadow Tech offeres cam locks, but both RRS and Fiesol seem to have twist locks. Whats the pro...
  14. opeagle

    Training Courses Adaptive Defense Concepts Tactical Rifle June 21-22, 2014

    This 2 day class will help the shooter develop skill and confidence with tactical rifles and carbines. This class is tailored specifically for AR-15 style rifles and carbines, but other center-fire arms may be used, such as AK’s, FAL’s, M1A’s, etc… Topics covered include: Rifle setup...
  15. opeagle

    Training Courses Ohio-Precision Rifle Class-Adaptive Defense Concepts 4/26-4/27 2014

    Precision Rifle is the integration of marksmanship skills, gear and mental capabilities to hit small targets at extended distances. This two day class addresses intermediate-range precision rifle marksmanship. Students will need a centerfire scoped rifle capable of at least minute-of-angle...
  16. opeagle

    How long do stored primers last?

    While I've only been reloading a few years, I don't think I've seen this discussed. While reading the current issue of SWAT magazine, a sidebar in an article makes the claim that factory ammo will keep for decades, but the same cannot be said for exposed or even properly stored primers-the...
  17. opeagle

    77 SMK trial loads

    I'm just getting ready to load some 77 SMK's for a 20in 1/9 twist bolt gun. I know the 77 may or may not like the 1/9 but I want to find out for sure. I have various cases and a few powders but I'm pondering using either a few hundred PMC or Federal cases and RE15. I know there's lots of...
  18. opeagle

    Rifle Scopes FFP dual purpose scope suggestions

    I'm setting up a .223 bolt gun for use as both a sub 500 yard precision rifle, think tactical stuff and for use on varmints at night, think coyotes who are getting a bit closer than I like. This needs a budget of say $750 +/- a bit. I'm used to FFP, MIL/MIL and would prefer to keep this one...
  19. opeagle

    Primer Flow and load question?

    I have two Remington's and noticed this put of the 20in gun. See pic. 20inch gun on the left, 24inch on the right. Doesn't matter if it's my reloads or factory FGMM. It does this with everything that's been through it. Question two. We shot both of them, a 24in 5r and a 20in 5r for groups...
  20. opeagle

    Movie Theater White House Down

    Will it be the better movie between it and Olympus has fallen? Anyone planning to see it?