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  1. Mclovinguns

    Ammo 6MM Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 7MM REM Mag, 22LR

    I will take the PRC
  2. Mclovinguns

    Ammo (All SPF) 6.5PRC 147 ELD-M case $655

    2 SPF, 1 left
  3. Mclovinguns

    Ammo (All SPF) 6.5PRC 147 ELD-M case $655

    3 available, the only tough part will be making it to a UPS between 5:30 and 6pm to ship. I would like all 3 to be sold so I only have to make the trip once. Its a 1 hour drive for me. $655 is the shipped price
  4. Mclovinguns

    Reloading Equipment Now For Sale- 1k Hornady 140 ELD-M

    In 4 months I've only seen these available once (showed available but sold out)and I look often. Thats why I'm fine with the mark up.
  5. Mclovinguns

    Reloading Equipment All sold. Cheap bullets. Cleaning out the safe.

    I would take everything but the brass if that helps also
  6. Mclovinguns

    SOLD (Sold)6.5mm Berger 140 VLD

    1000 of the same lot date shift code. Would like to trade for hunting bullets in 6.5 or $300 shipped per 500
  7. Mclovinguns

    Firearms FS/T Sinn Arms 6.5PRC loaded

    Mostly looking for 1-6 or 1-8 optics now
  8. Mclovinguns

    Reloading Equipment BERGER 140 HYBRIDS****************sold******************

    Ok, nevermind my pm from 17 minutes ago lol
  9. Mclovinguns

    Reloading Equipment 9mm Sig V-Crown JHP bullets

    I thought this was loaded ammo. My bad
  10. Mclovinguns

    Firearms Sold: CZ Bren 805 Pistol

    I will take this per our messages, will get payment out shortly
  11. Mclovinguns

    Reloading Equipment WTB-H4350

    Midsouth has a load of Accurate 4350 today. I had 10lbs in the cart and than I was like "nah, don't need it".
  12. Mclovinguns

    Accessories S7 7-9 With Raptor feet

    I'm kinda giving up on the long range dream. I've used this like twice. $310 delivered
  13. Mclovinguns

    Accessories 6.5 prc blem brass in again