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    Firearms WTS - Glock 34 Gen 5 MOS with Apex trigger, NEW and unfired

    This is a Glock 34 gen 5 MOS, NEW and unfired, it’s an extra one I was thinking of using for usps carry optics but won’t happen.... just bought recently from gunbroker. Previous owner made some upgrades and never shot the gun, neither have I. Specifically it has an apex trigger ($140) installed...
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    Firearms WTS - Sig P320 X5 Legion 10 rnd mfg 2021, BRAND NEW

    Brand new I bought a second for a backup gun thinking I would need it. Well uspsa carry optics will have to wait.... so it’s up for sale. This is a 10 round version Bc that’s all I could get at the time. You can easily buy 21 round mags if you want to compete in carry optics division. Will...
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    Optics SOLD

    I ordered this a few months ago it came in a week ago. I Don’t need it. I’m cross listing FYI on ar-15 so it’s likely to disappear quick. They are backordered and have been for a half a year now. The stuff on the lenses is foam dust and I’m not going to clean it Bc it will just accumulate again...
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    Firearms Springfield XD MOD.2 9mm handgun FDE subcompact 3” barely used!

    Maybe 100 rounds through it. Too many handguns and need to get rid of some. please note this is a high capacity magazine gun and thus I won’t ship to those states banning this. It must ship to a FFL. It is your responsibility to know what your state laws are. Guns rejected by a FFL Bc of this...
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    Optics SOLD

    Other than evidence of being mounted on a rail it’s in like new condition....I’ll call it excellent Bc of this. It’s 34mm, 10moa (perfect considering most of our rifles have 20moa built in), 1.5” height $335 shipped SOLD no trades PayPal fam friends Venmo Apple Pay I can’t ship til Monday
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    Accessories SOLD

    I don’t shoot much anymore it’s time to start offloading items if You buy more than one muzzle brake take $5 off the asking price of the extra muzzle brake (s). All muzzle brakes are 5/8-24 threaded 1) Impact precision 30 cal muzzle brake self timing $100 shipped. SOLD PENDING FUNDS (maybe)...
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    Accessories Sold

    This is a KRG NV rail mount for attaching to a KRG spigot, this version (doesn’t attach to the backbone chassis directly. I bought on the forum not knowing this... don’t need it. It’s rattle canned I’m quite sure Bc it feels rough. I never used it $140 shipped no trades paypal fam friends...
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    Optics SOLD

    Bought this on the forum never used it. Little to no sign of use. There is a slight ding in the finish of the hood about 1mm in size see pic. Works just fine. I only see one screw in the box not sure if those are needed. I was going to use it on my AR as a backup site but don’t shoot much...
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    Optics SOLD

    4 range trips that’s it. I don’t see any marks on the scope as mounted. It’s lived in the Spuhr the entire life. There will be evidence of mounting but no ring marks per say... for those ready to buy I’ll dismount and take pics out of the Spuhr mount... but I have zeroed it and not shot the...
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    Like new condition, never fielded or taken from my backyard. They have an outdoorsman stud installed that I’ll include. Never registered im the original owner and They are sitting around so want to narrow my items down. $1925 shipped and insured (this will cost me $50) price is firm no...
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    Optics WANTED - USED Tangent Theta 5-25 gen 3XR only

    I’m Looking for a used Tangent Theta 5-25 gen 3XR.... already have owned a gen2xr in the past so not interested in that reticle. Looking for used pricing. Handful of retailers sell these for 10% off MAP FYI. And I have gotten a good idea of what the used market value. Thx
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    Accessories Sold

    Brand new OG full sized sticky gamechanger standard fill, acquired in a trade. Had no intention of keeping it. Looks new per the seller and he said it was new. $120 shipped Obo sticky pint sized game changer heavy fill, Bought new, used in my house, still like new and looks unused. $95 shipped...
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    Accessories Sold

    BRAND NEW unfired PVA 26", heavy Palma, 7.5 twist, 5/8-24, CUT rifling (not button), chambered for bighorn TL3 short action, throated for 108 ELD price $676 shipped from PVA. asking for $575-> $550 shipped, no wait time! Paypal fam friends (comment section must be left blank) or regular...
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    Firearms WTS- Bighorn TL3 DLC'd 6 creedmoor barreled action, UNFIRED action w/ bighorn wrench and spiral bolt knob

    For sale an UNFIRED Bighorn TL3 action short action 20 MOA rail, standard config. It's NOT new b/c the previous owner and myself both have cycled the action, and put a barrel on it. Installed in a KRG whiskey and never used. I did find the lands on the barrel (using Alex Wheeler's method) which...
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    Accessories SOLD

    I have Two 40 round short action bullet binders. Barely used, I never used them and bought them from another member two years ago. $115 shipped for both or $60 shipped per one Insurance add $3 Paypal fam friends or regular and add 3% Usps money order ok too
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    Reloading Equipment Sold

    Alpha 6 creedmoor LRP brass Two -100 count boxes unopened same lot Also 30 pieces unfired and 9 once fired sized primed And ready to load. I bought this from another member a couple of years ago $190 shipped! Insurance $5 add on Paypal fam friends (Comment section must be left blank) or...
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    Accessories Sold

    I’m going to sell it super cheap especially the 140 Amax. 1 box = 20 rounds unless otherwise specified. I have 4 boxes of 140 ELD same lot = 80 rounds I have 5 boxes of 140 Amax same lot = 100 rounds I have 2 boxes of 140 Amax same lot but one of those boxes only have 13 rounds = 33 rounds...
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    Reloading Equipment Sold

    I have 3 boxes 100 count, Nosler 223 brass, same lot, NOT overrun, and it's priced LESS than overrun haha... cheapest price I can find is $70 per box before shipping and taxes. One box is opened but I bought it this way from a member on accurate shooter, and took pics to confirm it's brand new...
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    Optics Sold

    Comes exactly as shown with case, tripod adapter and covers. Fresh back from vortex whom replaced both objective lenses Bc one was cracked. The ocular lenses have light scratches swirly marks from previous owner. Doesn’t affect anything and vortex inspected and didn’t replace them Bc it’s...
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    Optics SPF

    American rifle company QD 34mm Mount 40mm height which is about 1.5” tall, 0 moa. I always use 0moa myself Bc most of our Rifle picatinny rails have 20moa built in so why would you add another 20moa. I’m not shooting ELR...