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  1. mdesign

    Suppressors Removing the outer sleeve of a suppressor?

    I have a titianium suppressor that is designed of 3 parts with an internal core, a sleeve and end cap. The cap comes off just fine but I cannot get the sleeve to slide off the core. I have soaked it in Kroil for 2 weeks with no success and am wondering if there is a better product to loosen the...
  2. mdesign

    Gunsmithing Recommendations for Mauser gunsmith

    I have a 7RM rifle made on a Mark X (commercial mauser) action that does not extract the fired cartridges reliably and I am looking for a talented "mauser" gunsmith to help me get it right. Recommendations?
  3. mdesign

    PIG saddle and Ball-head ?

    I have an Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod with an 496RC2 ball-head. I would like to get the right ball head so that I can run a PIG saddle. I do not need a "top of the line" set-up, just something that is solid and dependable. Any recommendations?
  4. mdesign

    Suppressors Tightening a direct thread suppressor ?

    How tight should you tighten a direct thread suppressor on a barrel and should you put any oil/grease on the threads? Is there such a thing as too tight (assuming you "hand tighten" ? I have a 30 cal direct thread suppressor on an M24 contour barrel and it seems to tighten as I shoot it to the...
  5. mdesign

    Coriolis Effect shooting east and west ??

    Any comments on the accuracy of the information/guidance in this video?? If sighting in and collecting data should be done going north and south, would a ballistic calculator adjust the data when shooting east and west?
  6. mdesign

    Making a 7RM shoot

    Picked up a used R700 chambered in 7RM a while back and have not yet been able to find any load it likes. Bore scope shows the throat to be in good condition and the rifling and crown generally look good. Bedded the rifle, etc..etc... but nothing makes a difference. It's a 1.5" @ 100yd rifle...
  7. mdesign

    Gunsmithing Want trigger recommendation

    Tired of my finicky Jewell triggers and am going to replace them. Really like the old style Remington trigger but they are getting scarce so asking for some recommendations for a brand/style that is reliable, smooth and runs well at 2.5 lbs. Thanks
  8. mdesign

    9mm Carbine Question

    I would like to build/buy a 9mm SBR carbine for Glock mags and have been watching the sales. It seems that most completed uppers come with a barrel length from 4 - 6 inches but the hand guard extends beyond the end of the barrel and there is a comp of some sort that gets the muzzle past the end...
  9. mdesign

    Gunsmithing PTG bolt handle for R700 bolt

    I have had these installed on two different R700 SA by shops that are known to do quality work and in both cases when the handles were correctly timed to the action, the bolt handles lifted so far that they would rub on the eye piece of the scope body when the bolt was cycled. The issue was...
  10. mdesign

    Suppressors Re-installing Suppressor End Caps

    On a suppressor that has a removable end cap, should one put a little loctite on the threads when going back together or just snug it up and call it good?
  11. mdesign

    Gunsmithing Templar Tactical Firearms

    Anyone have better contact information than what is on their website? Got a question I need answered but not having much luck getting a response.
  12. mdesign

    Night Vision Best position to mount a light on a carbine

    I have a suppressed SBR and am trying to decide the best position to mount a light. The light is a TLR-1 HL and when I put it at either the 3 or 9 o'clock position, the suppressor casts a shadow. Putting it at 12 o'clock interferes with my Aimpoint so I am trying to find a way to mount it at 2...
  13. mdesign

    Gunsmithing Weight of 700 SA

    Anyone know the weight of a 700 SA with a complete bolt but minus the trigger? I am pulling together the part for a light weight mountain hunting rifle and thought a 700 action might be lighter than a custom.
  14. mdesign

    Weapon Light on Carbine

    I have an SBR with a 10.5" barrel and NSR hand guard and want to mount a weapon light up front. I typically I run my front grip with my thumb over the top of the rail and I wondered if there is a "best" way to mount a light so it can be thumb actuated from that position? I'm planning on going...
  15. mdesign

    Painting GAP Camo

    When you paint GAP camo do you start with the darker colors or the the lighter? I got some templates from Bulldog and have started experimenting but it's not coming out like some of the nice looking ones we see posted here on the Hide. I trying for more of a brown/tan look to go with FDE metal...
  16. mdesign

    Range Report 6 Creedmoor vs 243 Winchester

    In the sense of a combination LR shooting/hunting gun with a 22" barrel, is there any practical difference between the performance of these two cartridges?....Barrel life? Assuming the they both had the same rate of twist for the heavier bullets.
  17. mdesign

    Shooting Prone With Glasses

    My vision is getting to where I need glasses but in trying different styles of frames I find that I'm always looking over the top of the glass when I'm trying to shoot prone. Any recommendations on something that works?
  18. mdesign

    Gunsmithing Bench Rest Cocking Piece for R700

    I saw on the PTG website that they offer a "bench rest" cocking piece for the 700 actions. It appears that the stop has has been moved back .030 so I'm thinking to goal is to reduce lock time and the force of the impact of the firing pin slamming home and potentially disrupting the sight...
  19. mdesign

    Gunsmithing What AI Magazine do I need for a factory 700 SA

    I want to put DBM on my 700 SA and am not sure what mag to buy. There are AI and Alpha mags out there but how do I know which one will work best with my action?
  20. mdesign

    Gunsmithing Extractor Style

    I'm ordering a PTG bolt for a 6.5CM project and the options are either a Sako or M16 style extractor. Either one have advantage over the other?