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  1. LibertyOptics

    Rifle Scopes Eyeglasses for shooters??

    Hey Hiders, Hope you can help. I need recommendations for prescription eyewear that has worked for you. Background: I used to have eyes like a hawk. 20/10 vision for a long time and when my eyes went "bad" they were still 20/25. But I'm getting old (lol). I currently wear tri-focals. The...
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    Special Opportunity - Sightron SIII "Bronze" Closeouts

    Hiders, Once upon a time, Sightron SIII were a real bread and butter scope for us. For some reason, sales have tailed off recently but they have approached us with a killer opportunity for you guys. They are transitioning to all "white" lettering on their scopes, and discontinuing the...
  3. LibertyOptics

    WTS: Steiner T5Xi Refurbs and Blems 5-25x56 SCR MRAD Model 5122 $1199 shipped

    Hiders, A rare opportunity. Refurbs are returned scopes that are repaired and gone through to look and perform correctly and like new. Blems are new scopes that have a finish defect in the tube, knobs, etc...the metal, NEVER THE GLASS. Taking orders on these as we are afforded a great...
  4. LibertyOptics

    WTS: Vortex Razor Gen II 4.5-27x56 FFP MOA EBR-2C SOLD

    Hiders, Just what it says. Brand new RZR-42705 EBR-2C MOA $1699 shipped, discontinued, and hard to find. Post here to claim, of course PM or call me with any questions. Thanks! Scott
  5. LibertyOptics

    WTS: BNIB Vortex Razor Gen II 4.5-27x56 EBR-2C MRAD SOLD

    Hiders, Just like the title says, one BNIB scope with the previous EBR-2C reticle, only one I have, sitting on my desk, we take paypal, visa/mc/discover/check/money order. First one to post here to claim gets it! $1699 shipped!! Thanks, Scott
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    Biggest sale in our history going on right now! Click on the header below!
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    Rifle Scopes Happy New Years Hiders! Time for Change

    Happy New Year from Liberty Optics! 2017 was our worst year ever. In fact, it was our third straight year of declining sales, down 65% from 2014 sales figures. Whether it's a market correction, poor economy, lack of supplier inventory, stale products, Amazon, current political climate, bad...
  8. LibertyOptics

    New Kowa 55mm Prominar spotting scope with PURE FLOURITE CRYSTAL

    Hiders, Yes, that is right, all the optical performance of the mighty 88mm Prominar spotting scope shrunk down in a handy 55mm compact package, the only other spotting scope in the Kowa lineup with pure flourite crystal in the objective lens!! Here's the press release...
  9. LibertyOptics

    Rifle Scopes Bushnell and Burris current promotions are really good!

    Hiders, I apologize if this is redundant somewhere here on the Hide but I think it's worth mentioning again.... For purchases made now through June 5, Bushnell is offering a whopping 25% mail-in rebate!!! That is a lot of scratch on the XRS/ERS/DMRII/LRTS scopes!! For XTRII purchases made...
  10. LibertyOptics

    New Bushnell Elite Tacs and LRSTi

    Hiders, Finally, FINALLY, getting these in, very limited quantity right now. We are grateful to be selling these again but we only have a few SKUs. Hit me up if interested Scott
  11. LibertyOptics

    WTS: Trijicon Accupower 1-8x, all models

    Hiders, Have a small shipment of all models (red, green, MOA, Mil) be here in a week or so. If interested let me know, first come first served. Offered here first. Best, Scott
  12. LibertyOptics

    Any know how to clean out PMs?

    I have 51 "pages" in inbox and 130+ "pages" in sent. I can only delete about 10 messages at a time. I can not receive PMs because my box is full. All of these messages are old. Is there a fast way to clean them out?
  13. LibertyOptics

    Rifle Scopes Huge Vortex announcement: Gen 1 Razor HD riflescopes, many discontinued, new LOW prices!

    Hiders, Many on here called it a few months ago, all but two models of the iconic Gen1 Razor 5-20x50 riflescopes are now officially being phased out, check out the awesome low prices here, now $600 off!!!! Click HERE--------> Vortex Razor HD Riflescopes Two models, the EBR-2B MRAD and MOA...
  14. LibertyOptics

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Mark 6 3-18x44

    Hiders, Thought i would share this press release. Leupold® Mark 6® 3-18x44mm Wins Again with FBI Contract BEAVERTON, Ore. - Leupold®, America's Optics Authority®, has been selected to deliver Mark 6® 3-18x44mm riflescopes to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Designated for use by...
  15. LibertyOptics

    Rifle Scopes In hand, Vortex Gen II 4.5-27x56 MRAD EBR-2C

    Hiders, This one is sold to a gentleman who ordered back in January, but he was gracious enough to allow me a little facetime with this new production scope before I ship it to him. I know Lowlight and others have reviewed this scope and I won't be mounting and shooting the scope like he...
  16. LibertyOptics

    Rifle Scopes Vortex Optics discontinued items as of May 1 (MAP no longer applies)

    Sorry fellas, no Razor Gen 1 scopes (as has been predicted by some members here) but here is the list.....if you want one of these now is the time to act Scott DISCONTINUED RIFLESCOPES ITEM SKU...
  17. LibertyOptics

    Rifle Scopes Minox finally gets into the game

    Hiders, Not sure if you've seen this already but some intriguing options/features.....can't wait to learn more. New MINOX ZP Tactical Riflescopes Provide Ultimate Precision Performance : The Outdoor Wire That 1-8x looks particularly interesting. The 3-15x50 and 5-25x56 are variations...
  18. LibertyOptics

    Kowa Optimed Debuts New Website

    Hiders, This might be a new gateway to swing the Kowa leadership's position on that reticled eyepiece! Kowa Optimed Debuts New Website Kowa Optimed Unveils Phase 1 of Website Reboot for Sporting Optics, Medical, Industrial Lenses, and LED Lighting Divisions Kowa Optimed...
  19. LibertyOptics

    Rifle Scopes IOR Valdada does it MicroEdge Red Dot sight with any $1200 purchase

    Hiders, As Val likes to do as a way of saying "thanks" for all your support each year, he has unveiled his holiday "freebee" for this season...the RDS Micro Edge Red Dot sight seen here-----> 1X24 RED DOT MICRO SIGHT This is a $149 value!!! All you have to do is buy $1200 or more in...
  20. LibertyOptics

    Rifle Scopes All good things must come to an end....Valdada 10x32 bino promotion

    Hiders, Many months and hundreds of pairs of binos later....the well is about dry. Valdada has just about 5 pairs left of the very nice 10x32 compact binos for free giveaway with any IOR scope purchase of $1200 or more. So, if you are on the fence, now is the time to move to take...