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  1. Longshot231

    Why Gun Control Will Not Work

    I thought I would start a thread on why gun control will not work. With the collective brain trust on this forum we might be able to assemble a vast compendium of information to use when educating people that want to understand the issue. I’ll start first.
  2. Longshot231

    Maternity Flight Suits and Helmets to Accommodate Women's Hairstyles

    You cannot make this stuff up. I won't even get into how ridiculous maternity flight suits are. However, I find it hypocritical that they want equal rights yet won't get their head shaved when they're in basic training...
  3. Longshot231

    Christensen Arms Ranger 22

    I'm curious if anyone has the Christensen Arms Ranger 22 and what do you think of it?
  4. Longshot231

    Show Your Favorite Survival / Camping / Bushcraft Tools

    Show us you favorite survival, camping or bushcraft tools. I'll start first. Top to bottom: WWII style Woodsman's Pal, modern Woodsman's Pal, Coldsteel San Mai Kukri, Silky Saw Zubat. As far as the Silky Saw goes, it's my favorite tool for cutting wood. I will also take the Kukri for...
  5. Longshot231

    Suppressors Americans Filed Over Half a Million NFA Applications in 2020

    One take-away from the article is that the ATF's new program of increasing diversity is supposed to reduce the backlog and wait times of processing NFA applications.
  6. Longshot231

    Who Would You Help When SHTF vs. Who Could You Help?

    This is been a pet peeve of mine for some time. Before I start, maybe I am over thinking this. So please bear with me. Some of you, like me, have been in group situations where there is the one guy or gal, who is completely unprepared for anything. They may show up at the range without some...
  7. Longshot231

    Spotters Spotting Scope With MRAD Reticle

    I was thinking about getting the Vortex Viper 20-60X spotting scope along with the eyepiece that has the MRAD reticle. It is sort of nice when the person spotting for you can give you elevation and windage corrections in MILS or whatever your preferred unit of measure. I get tired of hearing...
  8. Longshot231

    The Latest Person to Get Clintonized - well sort of, maybe, I'm not sure

    I'm sure that they pay well but would anyone really want to work for them considering the number of unfortunate coincidences that go along with that career choice?
  9. Longshot231

    Recycling Primers

    I'm curious if anyone has delved into the black arts of recycling their own primers. How has it worked for you? I wouldn't expect match-grade results but if any reloading alchemists have got into doomsday reloading were the primers reliable? This is probably a dumb question but I'll ask...
  10. Longshot231

    ATF to Re-Write Definition of a Lower Receiver???

    Has anyone heard about this before now?
  11. Longshot231

    USMC Fielding 30,000 Rifle Suppressors to Combat Units

    From the article: "In the long run, Marine officials also hope the suppressors will help reduce hearing damage suffered by Marines in combat units. 'In the big picture, the [Department of Veterans Affairs] pays out a lot in hearing loss claims,' Brisker said. 'We'd like Marines to be able to...
  12. Longshot231

    Discreet Gun Cases

    I'm looking for some ideas for discreet rifle and/or pistol cases. For the long guns, I'm considering the guitar case from either Savior Equipment or the Hazard 4 Battle Axe Guitar-Shaped Padded Rifle Case. I have a couple of AR-15 pistols but with suppressors they are a little long for some...
  13. Longshot231

    Silly Peasants - The Rules Don't Apply to Us

    You silly peasants on SH don't realize yet that the rules don't apply to the privileged leftists. So just shut up and wear your mask. You should be satisfied with the crumbs that we feed you from our tables. You knuckle-dragging troglodytes aren't even grateful to we, the chosen few, that...
  14. Longshot231

    Open Letter to the POTUS on the Great Reset

    Full disclaimer: I don't want this to be a religious thread or a topic about religion. I don't want to violate the TOS of SH. So I won't be getting into a debate on the hereafter and ask everyone else to avoid the topic as well. It is also not my intent to offend anyone with respect to his...
  15. Longshot231

    Hunting & Fishing Question on Bluetooth Speaker for Predator Calling

    I had another electronic predator caller die on me. So I'm thinking of going with a portable bluetooth speaker that is cheaper and I can use with a predator calling app on an iPhone or iPad. Yes, I know some of you may use dedicated predator callers but I don't want to invest a lot of money...
  16. Longshot231

    Suppressors 30 Caliber Suppressor on an AR-15 Question

    I've been thinking of putting a 30 caliber can on a 5.56mm AR-15 to avoid a lot of the back pressure and subsequent need for any weapon modification. I was wondering if anyone has attempted this and what were your results?
  17. Longshot231

    Suppressors Fingerprint Cards

    If you are like me, you have discovered that suppressors are like rabbits. They multiply quickly. Whether or not you do a Form 4 or Form 1, you might appreciate the fact that there is an easier way to put your information on the card than to write it. My handwriting also sucks. The FBI has a...
  18. Longshot231

    Need Advice on Ugliest Dog Breed

    I need advice. I'm thinking about getting a dog but not just any dog. Can anyone tell me what breed gets the top prize for being the ugliest dog in the world? I'm thinking about getting that dog then name it after my ex-wife. When the neighbors hear me calling the dog by my ex-wife's name...
  19. Longshot231

    Rifle Scopes Ring Height vs. Cheek Weld, Comfort, Fatigue etc...

    Here's some background information: I have a Remington 700 in a KRG W-3 chassis, chambered in .22-250. The scope was a Vortex Viper PST 5-25X 30mm tube. It was mounted in Burris signature rings 1 inch height on a Badger Ordnance 20 MOA base. I'm getting the rifle re-barreled to 6.5 CM with...