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  1. PusherX11

    WTB 338 rcm brass, ammo

    Looking for either new or once fired 338 rcm brass, and or ammo. 🦄🦄🦄
  2. PusherX11

    Firearms Custom AR308 For Sale $2300 trades added

    Jack 10 receiver set 20” proof research barrel SLR sentry 8 adjustable gas block APA gen 3 adjustable muzzle brake V seven ultra lite 18” m lok hand guard Jp enterprises low mass bcg, with high pressure bolt Jp enterprises silent captured spring Magpul prs gen 3 Trigger tech flat shoe...
  3. PusherX11

    Feedback wjm308 Is Good to Go

    I had the pleasure of purchasing a set of buis from @wjm308 today. This was a super easy transaction with great communication and fast shipping! Thank you sir!
  4. PusherX11

    Accessories For Trade 300 win mag fgmm 190gr smk

    I have one box of fgmm 190gr smk for trade. I don’t remember how I came about this box of ammo as I do not have a 300 win mag. Trades: 308, 556, 9mm, 45acp ammo Reloading components in said calibers or 50$. I’m in colorado and drive the Denver metro area everyday.
  5. PusherX11

    Recount Petition! Signed!
  6. PusherX11

    A small glimpse into a Biden presidency!

    This is what happens in Denver last night! Burning the American flag, Blue Line flag and a Trump flag. Honestly I feel no matter what the outcome of this election is, these “protests” are just the beginning...
  7. PusherX11

    Optics Found

    I missed the last one that popped up for sale. Please let me know what you have. Would like a mount as well but not a deal breaker. Thank you!
  8. PusherX11

    Can I Please??? Wife, NO you cannot!

    Saw this nice gentleman today driving down I-25 and wanted to have a chat with him.
  9. PusherX11

    Antifa fucked around and found out Colorado edition!

    I absolutely love how red Northern Colorado is!
  10. PusherX11

    Accessories APA Answer .223 For Sale

    100 rounds on brake. Ports never removed from factory. 90$ shipped.
  11. PusherX11

    Accessories Geissele Hi-Speed National Match DMR SOLD

    500 rounds on trigger. Includes geissele trigger and hammer pins, Allen wrench’s and oil.
  12. PusherX11

    ANTIFA Tweet this afternoon

    I really hope this does not actually happen. Residential areas are going to be a whole different animal then a downtown district with office buildings and business. You start messing with a mans home and family there will be bloodshed! I’m pretty confident these people will not make it to my...
  13. PusherX11

    Accessories Zev 16 inch 308 rail

    For sale! Zev 16” 308 rail! Very much like new, mounted it up and found out I didn’t have clearance for my .875 gas block. Dismount and back in the package for sale! 215$ shipped to your door!
  14. PusherX11

    Accessories JL Billet 15” m lok rail

    JL Billett dpms high rail profile 15” angle cut m lok rail, extra barrel nut, snap on crow foot 175$ All prices are shipped
  15. PusherX11

    Stocks! Anyone investing right now?

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about investing in some stocks since they are really low right now. Honestly I do not know where to start or which ones to buy. Is anybody here buying right now? What should I be looking for? Any certain industries right now? Thanks in advanced!
  16. PusherX11

    National Chris Kyle Day!!! 02-02-2020

    My wife reminded me about this hero on his day!!! I came across this time article about Chris. He is one of many hero’s this great nation has, I just wish every single one of them are remembered like Chris! Mr. Kyle, thanks for coming. Thanks for having me. So you’ve got this new book...
  17. PusherX11

    For Trade, Trijicon RMR06 Type 2 Adjustalbe LED 3.25 MOA Red Dot

    Looking to trade straight across like new in box RMR06 for an eotech XPS2-0. Comes with trijicon pictinnay Mount, Weaver 45 degree offset, and LaRue RMR Mount, box and all paper work.
  18. PusherX11

    Polis gets has ass handed to him by high school senior!

    My wife shared this with me tonight. It’s exactly what needs to said every time pos shows his face in public! He did not even begin to counter anything that was said. Wish I could see the rest of the video. Re-post: Coloradoans, make this go viral, PLEASE! A wise young man from my rural...
  19. PusherX11

    Powder, Primers, 30cal bullets

    6 1# Reloader15 20$ each 1 open 5# Reloader15 4#+,- 75$ 6 1# Win748 20$ each 10 1# 8208XBR 20$ each 3 1# CFE223 20$ each 2 1# Lil Gun 15$ each 1 1# H110 15$ Win LRP 20 per 1000 2 boxes Rem 9 1/2 LRP 20$ per 1000 5 boxes 168 BTHP 4 boxes 20$ each 175 Match Burners 2.5 boxes 20$ each buy both...
  20. PusherX11

    Alexa listening to your conversations!

    Appearently Amazon is employing thousands of workers around the would to listen to audio recordings daily from Alexa. 1000 audio clips per employee per day. If you have that bitch in your house take her outside and shoot her ass...